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What is Auxilium Technology?

Auxilium is a full-service digital marketing agency providing top-quality solutions to businesses, especially home and professional service companies.

What Digital Marketing Services do you offer?
Are Your Services Only Available in Maryland?
No! We provide digital marketing services to clients and companies all over the United States.
What kind of businesses do you generally provide your services to?
What services do you offer under web design and development?

We offer several services under web design and development, which include, but are not limited to;
• E-commerce website creation
• Responsive Web Design
• Content Management System (CMS) Development
• Website Security
• App Development

How do we know that you provide the best digital marketing services?
Apart from the numerous awards and certifications that we have, Auxilium Technology boasts a 94% retention rate among clients. This demonstrates their faith in our services.
Can I have services specifically tailored to my needs, or do I have to choose from fixed plans?
At Auxilium Technology, we have the right solutions for all our clients. In case you don’t want to go ahead with any of our fixed plans, our team will craft a completely new plan exclusively for your business, as per your requirements.
What is the free SEO tool on your website?

Auxilium has a free SEO tool that you can use free of cost to take a look at your site’s performance on major search engines. Learn about your website’s SEO score here.

What kind of SEO Packages do you offer?
We offer four SEO plans: The Bronze, Silver, Platinum, and Gold. Each plan has different features. You can find more details about each of these plans on our SEO Packages Page.
What about PPC Adwords packages?

Auxilium provides PPC packages starting for as little as $250. Take a look at our ads packages and choose the one that fits your requirements.

What kind of maintenance services do you offer at Auxilium Technology?
Your business is dear to us. Hence, we provide all our clients with a full range of business maintenance services like reputation management, website security, website maintenance, landing page optimization, and website performance and optimization.
Who are some of your partners and affiliates at Auxilium Technology?

To bring you the best services possible, Auxilium has partnered with only the best affiliates like BlueHost, BrightLocal, and SiteGround. Visit our partner program affiliates page for more details.

Where is Auxilium Technology based?
Auxilium is based in Rockville, Maryland. However, we provide our services to companies all over the US.
How to Contact Auxilium Technology?

The fastest way is to give us a call at 301-519-9622. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form or simply email us at

Why Should I Trust Auxilium Technology?
Auxilium is a top-quality digital marketing solutions provider with a 94% client retention rate. We have over 30 Awards, eight high-quality certifications, and a 34-member staff that has completed over 2600 projects! Moreover, we boast over 100 5-star reviews from our esteemed clients!
Is Auxilium a Google Certified Partner?
Yes, Auxilium Technology is honored to be a Google Certified Partner. Only 23% of companies have this privilege.
What is your website creation process?

At Auxilium Technology, we use best practices to create your new and modern website. You can look at a condensed version of our website creation process here for more details.

Are there any hidden charges for your services?
No. There are no hidden charges for our services. We keep things completely transparent with our clients.
Can I have a free consultation with a marketing expert before I decide on a marketing plan for my company?

Yes, absolutely. We encourage our clients to call us at 301-519-9622 and talk to our team beforehand. Alternatively, you can book a free consultation by filling out our contact form.

What are some of your marketing & branding services?
I am a little curious about your SEO Process. Could you tell me more about it?

Yes, absolutely. We have an SEO process developed by our experts to guarantee the best results. You can view our entire SEO process on our website.

Do you provide content production services?

Yes, content production is a big part of digital marketing services. We offer the following services;
• Content marketing
• Photography
• Blogging
• Content Marketing
• Drone Photography and Videography

What are other people saying about your digital marketing services?

Auxilium has over a hundred 5-star reviews. You can take a look at all our reviews here.

What happens if something goes wrong?
We have a dedicated Help Desk to cater to client complaints, queries, and problems. Auxilium prides itself in providing its clients with the best customer service there is. You can submit a ticket, give us a call, or contact us through live chat.



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