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Worried that your business will be hacked and all your customer information leaked? So is the FBI. (Website Security) Every year, somewhere around seventeen thousand cyber attacks are on businesses. (If your company has not yet been hacked, it is time to take a moment and silently thank the internet gods because this number is utterly staggering.) We scan every access point – every, little nook and cranny – that could potentially give unauthorized access to hackers and threaten your company information. Our technology secures all vulnerabilities and aggressively blocks threats to your business before they cause serious harm, such as credit card fraud or revenue loss.

Website Security

Safeguarding Your Company: Auxilium Technology’s Website Security

Taking precautions to stay ahead of potential security threats and website vulnerabilities has become undeniably necessary for small, medium, and large companies. In 2015, it was reported that nearly 90 percent of small-medium businesses felt they had suffered a computer hack of some kind. Among the most famous company hacks was the 2013 Target hack, where 40 million customers had their credit card information stolen.

Mitigating security intrusions means listening to the warning signals and staying ahead of cyberattacks. Auxilium Technology website malware removal and security offers tailored security features to fit your business. We routinely scan for new vulnerabilities and block emerging threats. Contact Auxilium Technology to learn how we can get your company protected quickly.

Top Devastating Website Vulnerabilities and Threats

Attacks on businesses are far more devastating than individuals because of the caches of personal financial records that businesses usually hold. Hackers target businesses for this exact reason.

Auxilium Technology blocks website security threats including:

  • Cross-Site scripting (XSS)
  • SQL injection
  • Local and remote file inclusions (LFI & RFI)
  • Denial of service (DOS)
  • Comment spam
  • Excessive bot crawling
  • Email harvesters

This list goes on, and new security threats constantly emerge. Do not risk a devastating security breach. Auxilium Technology updates our security technology frequently, ensuring that your business environment is vigilantly protected against the latest risks.

Professional Website Malware Removal Services

The number of companies that are victim to cyberattacks grows exponentially every year. It is no longer a question of “will,” but rather “when.” If your business has recently been hacked, you need to take direct action by contacting a professional website malware removal service. It is important that you are never targeted again. Website security experts at Auxilium Technology can immediately begin to reverse and minimize damages. We follow a 4-step procedure:

  • Remove website malware and hack
  • Remove website from blacklist
  • Locate website vulnerabilities
  • Secure all website weaknesses

Our web security team is experienced at skillfully protecting all different types of businesses. We keep your company files protected so your customers feel completely safe handing over their personal information to you. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Contact Auxilium Technology Today for Website Security

Our website virus removal company can help your business continue to operate as expected with your company and client information safe from hackers. When you contact Auxilium Technology, we can put our deep understanding and experience to work for your business. Whether you want to add security to an existing website or simply learn more about possible security threats to your company, our security experts can help. Contact us through our website or call 301-519-9622 to get peace of mind.

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