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eCommerce Website Development

Solidify Your Business with Safe Online Shopping & Secure eCommerce Website Development and Technology

At Auxilium Technology, our approach to eCommerce website development is like an art. Our team of professional eCommerce website developers have been in the business since the dawn of the decade and have created successful online stores with customers who have stayed loyal throughout the years.

What’s our secret? First, we create online stores that provides a safe and secure shopping experience. Customers want to know that the moment they enter their credit card numbers into your website that their purchase will arrive on time and, most importantly, their credit card numbers won’t be stolen. We provide superior encryption with all eCommerce websites and this boosts your company’s credibility.

We also develop visually attractive eCommerce pages that lures customers in. By proudly showcasing your businesses products and services, we have witnessed it over the years that simple and clean eCommerce websites brings in millions of unique visitors to your online store every month.


Our team of eCommerce developers create an enjoyable online shopping experience. Customers love coming back to your eCommerce store because it’s easy-to-navigate and purchasing products & services are so convenient!

Safe & Secure

At Auxilium technology, our excellent eCommerce solutions are specifically developed to ensure that all online shopping platforms produce transactions that are safe, secure and reliable for all customers.

Auxilium Technology’s eCommerce Website Development

We know how important it is to develop a welcoming online store that attracts new customers and brings back loyal customers.

Auxilium Technology’s eCommerce website development services include:

  • Creation of eCommerce secured payments. All purchases made on all eCommerce stores are safe & secure.
  • Personalized merchant accounts. Accept electronic payments online with specific merchant accounts.
  • Specific payment gateways. Accept credit and debit cards from customers around the world.
  • Instant Email denial notifications. Get instant updates on credit and debit cards that have been rejected.
  • Email notifications on credit card authorizations and orders. You’ll always be notified about successful transactions go through.
  • Archive of completed order histories and reports. Stay organized with a log of your company’s sales and ROI.
  • Ecommerce website maintenance. We’ll update your online store with new products and services.

At Auxilium Technology, we believe that your eCommerce store can only become successful when you’ve got our team of eCommerce developers working around the clock making sure your online store never has any hiccups.

Not only is our eCommerce website development services guaranteed to provide customers with safe and secure check outs, but they’re also very affordable. So if you’re launching a new e-commerce business venture, we are here to help you out and develop a profitable online store that brings in a ton of new customers that bring the sales through the roof!

Why Choose Us Over the Competition?

What can we say, here at Auxilium Technology we treat each client like family. You should choose working with us over the competition because we truly care about the success of your eCommerce, just as much as you do.

Since we make up a diverse group of marketing and technological designers, content writers, multimedia artists, software coders and application developers, we can fine tune your eCommerce business any way you like, while never losing sight of the bigger picture – which is driving sales through the roof.

Check out the benefits of using Auxilium Technology’s services:

  • eCommerce success
  • New customers through increased traffic and referrals
  • Social media popularity
  • Boost in sales
  • Maximizing ROI’s

Our service areas –

eCommerce website development North Potomac , Germantown, Rockville , Montgomery Village, Clarksburg, Potomac, Silver Spring, Olney , Aspen Hill, Damascus , Darnestown, Poolesville , Maryland, Montgomery County, DC Metro area, DC, USA eCommerce website development

So don’t just sit there and dream about launching a successful eCommerce store. Hit us up today for a free consultation at let’s make your online store a reality!

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