Digital Branding Guideline

A Brand Guideline Can Range From a Few to a Few Hundred Pages and Is a Complete Representation of How a Company Acts, What It Sounds and Looks Like.

Brand Guidelines in the Digital World

Creating Brand Guidelines, it’s important to introduce the brand essence before diving into the visual components. A great introduction is the brand mission statement, personality and promise. These help the reader gain a thorough understanding of what the company stands for, and create context for the visuals that follow.

Digital Branding Guideline 3

Why Do You Need Brand Guidelines in The
Digital World?



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Basic Guideline Document Usually Consist Of:

Logo Design 2

The Logo

Explanation of what it represents, possible compositions, sizing, mandatory white space and both correct as well as incorrect usage examples


Different typefaces for web and print and is frequently composed of more than one typeface, usually differentiating headlines from body text.


Show how all these components work together. A few examples of the brand out in the real world are usually enough – stationery, advertising, web use, etc.
Brand Colours

Brand colours

Primary and secondary palettes, together with their technical characteristics (Pantone, RGB, CMYK values).

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