Video for Business

It’s Not Just About Selling Your Products Or Services But About Selling A Customer Experience That Will Build Your Brand.

How Video Can Work For You

The video has become a primary means of communication, but this notion goes beyond your marketing efforts. The video has many functions and applications. Consider that video has the potential to become a profit-generating component of your business.

If you offer training and education services, video can deliver this information in effective and engaging ways, and all are provided through paid video content.

Video can also be used to instruct customers on how to use a product or service. It can be used to train employees and affiliates on how to sell your business offerings.

A video can also take your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation into a self-contained video product for broader distribution. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

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Video – By The Numbers


When learning about a product or service, 72% of people choose video over text when given the option.

Source: HubSpot


Including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.
Source: EyeView Video Marketing


Approximately 50% of website viewers seek a video related to a product or service before purchasing it.

Why Your Business Needs Video

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How you present your business to the world says a lot about your brand; it’s not just about conveying professionalism but about expressing integrity and your corporate character. First impressions count, and increasingly these first impressions are occurring using video.

A video is an effective way to connect with target audiences and a challenging one to master. A video must convey all that your business has to offer.

That’s why at Auxilium Technology, we offer professional video production. We do this because we understand that video is part of your digital marketing strategy.

In taking this holistic approach to digital and media marketing, we ensure that your video integrates with your website and social media marketing and helps contribute to your SEO.

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Our Professional Approach and Method

Our approach to developing video starts with listening to ideas you already have for a video, or providing recommendations to you. We create a video development strategy that ensures a quality outcome at reasonable cost.
Our development process packages and brands your videos with logos, motion graphics, and music, so your videos provide audiences with an engaging experience.
Our Development Services Include:
Business Video 1

Video Producing & Development

Business Video 1


Business Video 1

Video Editing

Business Video 1


Business Video 1

Animations (“Explainer”/“Whiteboard”/3D & CAD)

Business Video 1

Script writing

Business Video 1


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As a video producer and developer, I’ve been an industry professional since 2006. My mission is to deliver customized video products that convey your message effectively. With experience in developing marketing, outreach, education, training, and human-interest pieces, I’ve worked with businesses and organizations across various industries. And with a focus in developing videos for businesses, I bring tried and true strategies and methods to every production, for every client.

Weston Trussell

Video Producer/Developer
Associate of Auxilium Technology

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