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Have you recently viewed a webpage on your cell phone but, to your dismay, it has incomplete information compared to viewing that same webpage on your laptop? Nowadays, everyone is using the internet on a variety of devices. At Auxilium Technology, we make it our mission to evolve our web design techniques to meet digital marketing potential.

Responsive Website Design

The most recent issue facing web designers is that the majority of the web is not yet set up in a way that is user-responsive and intuitive for all devices. In addition, the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…) are penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly and fully responsive. Talk to our technology team regarding responsive web design for your website.

As experienced web designers, we know first-hand that viewers will leave your page if they cannot easily locate the information that they require. Responsive web design is the new way of designing a webpage so viewers can get the information that they need from your website in an efficient manner, regardless of the device that they use.

How Does Responsive Web Design Improve a Website?

The vast amount of information on the internet can be overwhelming, and what stands out to viewers is a well-organized, easy-to-use website. Responsive web design minimizes endless scrolling for information and zooming in and out, making your website immediately easy-to-read and appealing to the viewer.

More precisely, our designers separate the information presented in your website into a 4-column layout that automatically condenses into a 2-column layout for smaller screens, such as cell phones. Responsive web design allows your website to adapt to any device and maintain a fluid, easy to navigate appearance.

Feel confident that you are not turning away potential readers and customers simply because they cannot retrieve the information they need from your website. Responsive website design allows a website to present the information it is intended to present, regardless of the device on which it is viewed. Contact our digital marketing team to learn how we can get your website up-to-date with a responsive web design.

Why Do I Need to Consider a Responsive Web Design for My Website?

The designers at Auxilium Technology ultimately want to design your webpage so that it is available to your target audiences, regardless of the device that they are using to view the page. When considering a responsive web design, keep in mind that, right now, many websites require the viewer to “zoom” in order to read content. Once zoomed in, they must scroll both horizontally and vertically in order to retrieve the information that they need from the page. This is frustrating and can often drive a viewer away from your website. Some of the benefits of using responsive web design include:

  • Single website design for all platforms
  • Clear viewing and easy reading from any device
  • Well-structured and organized appearance
  • Google prefers responsive web design when ranking and generating search results
  • Helps websites improve views and leads
  • Improves SEO ranking

Personal devices, such as tablets, phablet, touch-screens, smartphones and cellphones, account for an exponentially increasing amount of internet traffic. Since a responsive layout allows a website to adapt to different devices, it is quickly becoming vital to the marketing success of any website.

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Contact Auxilium Technology for more information regarding the responsive web design options for your website.

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