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5 Reasons Why You Should Post on Your Google Business Profile

Apr 14, 2022
Google My Business Optimizing your Google Business Profile is one of the best decisions you can make if you’re trying to grow your business. However, optimizing your Business Profile takes more than a one-and-done optimization. You should be updating your GBP regularly to get the most out of it. Posting to your Business Profile regularly will greatly benefit your local SEO strategy in a number of ways. Check out these five reasons why you should be posting, and read until the end to find out how often you should post!

Lets Google Know That Your Business Is Open and Active

Google’s business model depends on providing reliable information to its users. If Google were providing incorrect information all the time, users would start looking for alternatives. That’s why it’s so important to send signals to Google that your business is active and eager for more traffic. Posting frequently is the easiest way to let Google know that you’re looking for new local customers. If you never interact with your Business Profile, Google will start doubting whether you’re still in business or not.

Increase Traffic to Specific Pages on Your Website

You can include links in your GBP posts and generate traffic to key pages on your site. You can link to service or product pages, or even to new blog posts to gain some traffic on those fresh blogs. Whatever it is, you can link to it from a GBP blog.

Makes Your Profile Look More Complete to Users

While keeping Google in mind is important, we must not forget our real target audience: our beloved users. Building out your Business Profile as much as you can will help give your visitors a great first impression of your business.

Google Rewards Those Who Use All of Their Tools

It’s no secret that complete Profiles help local SEO. Many business owners and inexperienced digital marketers forget that GBP’s posts feature also counts as a part of your Profile. In order to maximize your SEO benefits, you must post regularly to your GBP.

Keep Your Customers Updated

Both new and recurring clients will visit your GBP. If you have an important announcement to make, such as a new product launch, a new store location, or even a change in phone number, using your Business Profile’s post feature is a great way to communicate that info to your customer base.

How Often Should I Post to my Google Business Profile?

Now that you’re convinced that you need to start posting to your GBP, you may be wondering how often you should do it. You should post to your Google Business Profile at least once a week. Avoid posting so often that you’re spamming your users, but post frequently enough to show that reviewing your GBP is a consistent part of your digital marketing strategy. If you’d like to have an experienced digital marketing agency on your side for help with your GBP, contact Auxilium Technology at 301-519-9622. Let us discuss how a robust strategy could help grow your business.


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