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Why Choose a Google Partner/Google-Certified Company for Your Business’s SEO Services?

Nov 8, 2023
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In today’s competitive market of SEO services, google partners or Google-certified companies are ahead of the other competitors. Google partner or Google certification proves that the company is credible and expert in its services. Google offers these programs to those companies that fulfill specific criteria. These certifications and partnering programs are a testament that the company stays up to date with the latest trends and techniques of SEO. It increases the trustworthiness of the company, and clients are more likely to trust a Google partner or Google-certified company. Let us dive deep into this topic and discover more about Google partners and Google-certified companies.

What is a Google Partner or Google Certified Company

The Google Partner or Google certification is a global program for companies with expertise in Google ads, analytics, or other Google services. A Google-certified company is recognized for running successful client campaigns, driving maximum results, and maintaining high customer satisfaction.

Criteria for Google Partner

Companies must fulfill a specific criterion to become Google partners or certified. This criterion is mainly based on the following points:
  • The company must have a Google-certified expert in the staff.
  • The company must have a high client retention time and high satisfaction rate.
  • The company should have generated high revenues using Google products.
A company that meets all these levels can become a Google partner. Having a high level of satisfaction among customers is one of the core requirements of Google programs.

Benefits of Google Certified or partner Company:

Google-certified companies are way better than the other companies in their league. A Google partner company has more credibility and trust among potential clients. The clients don’t have to worry once they have chosen a Google-certified company to carry out their operation. Such companies provide tailored and customized solutions to your woes to help you rank higher on SERP and increase your visibility. Below are listed some of the critical benefits of a Google-certified company.


When a company is Google-certified, it is credible and can be trusted by everyone. Google certification is a challenging process; a company needs to have a good reputation among its clients to become Google-certified. Research shows that clients are more likely to select a Google partner company than local companies.

Expert and experienced team

The core requirement of the Google partner program is that the company possess Google-certified team members. A person with Google digital marketing certification can provide clients with valuable solutions for their websites and make a tailored strategy according to the client’s requirements.

Access to Beta Features

Companies that are Google partners have access to the future tools that are yet to be released in the market. This feature helps these companies stay ahead of the others and provide cutting-edge solutions to their clients. When the new Google search console was not released in the market, the Google partners already had access to the Google search console (GSC), which helped them understand the indexing process in a better way and monitor the results more closely.

Best services and ethically sound

A Google partner company offers the best services if it has to remain a Google partner. The core requirement to become a Google partner is that the company provides unmatchable services to its clients and has a high client satisfaction rate. A Google-certified company must be ethical and use the best SEO practices, termed white hat SEO techniques, as Google advises.

Tracking results

Companies send a detailed monthly report to their clients, ensuring the campaigns run smoothly and fulfill all client requirements. As a client, you must thoroughly check all the details and analyze whether the results are satisfactory. You must check the key performance indicators (KPIs) to know the insights of the website. These indicators include organic traffic, increasing ranking, more incredible conversion, and ROI. If you see an increase in these indicators, your website is doing well, and your strategy is working perfectly.
Considering the above considerations, choosing a Google partner or Google-certified SEO company to handle your operations is the best choice instead of other non-certified SEO companies. They provide the best services possible to their clients and never compromise on the quality of work. A Google partner or Google-certified company offers tailored solutions to all your woes and plan strategies that work for your business.

Auxilium is a Google-certified SEO company and our SEO experts are Google-certified as well. If you are looking for a seasoned and experienced SEO company to take care of your woes, feel free to contact us. Our support staff will provide you with the required information and help you develop and customized strategy for your business needs. We aim to enhance your visibility and get you more leads.


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