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Ensuring Equality Online: Practical Advice for Web Accessibility and ADA Compliance

Jan 19, 2024
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In this era of modern technology, the internet has become a vital source of important information and knowledge available anytime, anywhere. Accessibility is an issue for disabled people who find it difficult to access any information from the internet. To improve the accessibility for disabled people, the website design and development should be done to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Web accessibility has become a legal requirement, and businesses found guilty can be fined up to $150000 upon complaints. We will elaborate on the web accessibility and practical advice to make your website American with disability act (ADA) compliant.

What is Web Accessibility

Web accessibility means designing and developing a website so that it is accessible to everyone. Web accessibility refers to ensuring equality online, enabling disabled people to access all the information and engage with the content the way they want. They are designing a user-friendly website that is accessible to disabled people and provides them the opportunity to interact with the information available online. It is a good practice and a legal prerequisite as per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Legal Framework

Americans with Disability Act (ADA) was implemented initially in 1990 to ensure the rights of disabled people. In recent years, ADA has also started to include online platforms to make sure disabled people can access online information, and the platforms are user-friendly, providing a seamless experience. It has now become compulsory for websites to follow web content accessibility guidelines and be strictly compliant with the ADA.

Benefits of Web Accessibility

The benefits of web accessibility are not just limited to increased user experience but also include an increased target audience, more return on investment, and increased brand value. Web accessibility makes the user experience better and attracts a larger audience. Improved audience results in increased website authority and uplifts the brand value.

Practical Tips for Web Accessibility

If you are looking to increase the web accessibility of your website and want to make sure your website is ADA-compliant, then below are a few advice that you must keep in mind:

Website Design and Structure

The most basic requirement for ADA compliance is to ensure the website’s design and structure are maintained throughout the whole website and that all users have seamless navigation. The color schemes and font sizes must be adopted so that they are clearly visible for people with colorblindness or similar issues.

Content Accessibility

The content font should be set according to the audience to be visible to everyone. Secondly, the content should be designed with the web content accessibility guidelines kept in mind. These guidelines help craft content that fulfills user needs and makes the user content interaction friendly. Also, use alternative ways to present the information, whether pictorial or graphical. This helps the users to understand the content better and increases user engagement.

Interactive Elements

Interactive elements should be added to the website to make the users’ experience worth it, making it easy for the users to move through the website easily. The website should be accessible via a keyboard to accommodate people who cannot use a mouse because of deformity.

Forms and Transactions

There should be a separate page to access all the forms available on your website so that users can quickly locate and access them. The forms must be designed considering the diverse audience you are targeting, including disabled people. Websites must maintain symmetry so that everything is accessible in the right place.

ADA compliance is not a legal requirement but also essential for the success of your website. The significant things mentioned above will help you set up your ADA-compliant website and save you from legal terms and conditions. As we progress in the digital landscape, it is our duty to extend our hand to people with disabilities and ensure the ocean of information on the internet is accessible to everyone. Contact us today if you want to make your website ADA-compliant and increase your visibility in the digital world.


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