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The Latest Medic Update Hits the Bull’s eye!!

Sep 7, 2018
Google algorithm brings out the rapid changes quickly, and it leads to the ever-changing dynamics in the SEO techniques. Basically, Google algorithms set parameters for the way the search engine works and identifies relevant content and how does it constantly changes based on the new organic search results and data. So, whenever the changes occur, everyone pays attention to them! That’s but obvious.

What are the recent changes all about?

Medic update has brought about the recent changes that primarily have a focal point that revolves around targeted health, personal finance, and YMYL websites. All these changes have earned them a nickname ‘Medic Update.’ Though the experts are still wading through the changes however Google has not shared much information about this which has left all the SEO experts formulating and refining their own strategies to focus on one major thing, i.e., quality. As per the recent statement released by the Google Search Liaison on twitter, this is considered as one of the broad core algorithm updates, and they also term it as business as usual.

How does it affect the website content?

With the trending medic update, the quality content has become the key of every website content. So, the medic update is all about encouraging the website operators to focus on the value and other things. Since this update, there has been a change in the websites, and the undervalued websites have been recognized by the larger search engines. This update has forced various health and YMYL (Your Money Your Life) websites to evaluate their content strategies and scramble up new strategies to improve the visibility and the rankings. Some people have also observed a drop in their SEO rankings, and they need not panic as there are a few things that can help you to slow down and prevent the algorithm freefall. YMYL websites are all about money and according to Google any page that includes the content that affects the health, happiness, safety or the financial stability of an individual is an YMYL page.

Website Content

How can you prevent the algorithm freefall?

In case you want to follow some better rules for improvising the freefall, then you must read the pointers given below –

  • The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to approach your copy with an informative tone as this will add value to your content even if you focus on advertising.

  • It is also recommended to stay away from the direct sale that pitches outside the standard call to action. So, if you push the amazing products and services halfway through the informative paragraph and that it can be a huge turn off for the audience of your website. The quality content shows that the audience on your website is looking out for some valuable insight.

  • One should also understand that the need should be to focus on the solution. For example- Whenever you are searching for something like a random person, then you might not be looking only for the business names but some alternative searches as well. So, whenever you put on some content, there should be some alternative search inquiries as well. The content should be created with some organic interest keeping in mind the interest of the audience.

  • Also, the content to be produced should be learning and writing according to the expertise, trustworthiness, authoritativeness and it should be made sure to include all these elements in the content to sweep off the audience in a positive way.

What do you really need to know about the latest Google algorithm update – The Medic Update!

There are more than a billion people who use the Google search engine on a daily basis and getting on the top can be a hectic task for nearly every website. Since the latest medic update, the Google and the digital marketing specialists are trying to make out the algorithm work for them. The update has been rolled out for the better SERP rankings. All the curiosity arises because these updates are not advertised beforehand or afterwards. This results in all the curiosity among the users. If we talk primarily about the medic update, the affected websites are basically of the medical niche with the advent of this update. Around 41.5% of the websites that have been affected are of medical niche. 16% of the websites were related to e-commerce, and the 1.8% were related to the business. There have been minimal fluctuations and the keyword fluctuations after the update. Though, it does not mean that your current SEO is blacklisted or so or you have done anything wrong. No, there’s nothing like that. It just means that some of your competitors have been focusing on and prioritizing on building trust and authority quicker than you. So, you can say that the medic update is basically a process where Google is looking for trust and authority.


The medic update focuses on producing compelling and unique content related to your niche. It will help you in improving the SERP rankings and the organic engagement on your website. It is our responsibility to create relevant and quality content for demographic to create a better persona with a list of topics that can improve authority and value for the customers.


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