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Micro-Moments: The Brand-Consumer Game Changer

Feb 28, 2018

Consumer behavior is entirely different from what it used to be. The way users think is now owned by the media, and these changes have come to stay.

Mobile devices are everything! You may call it a “tool”, but it has found its way to become a totally indispensable portion of human’s existence in this digital world of ours. The way people consume media and the need for a mobile phone that connects you to the rest of the world is entirely different from what it was like ten years ago.

A big part of all these changes is “MICRO-MOMENTS”.

The fact that we know that we can find almost whatever we seek online forms moments in our heads even during the course of our day. These are moments in which we want to go to a place, we want to know about something, or we just want to learn some different method of doing something.

These are the micro-moments.

They are those moments in which we turn to our smartphones to seek help on something we are totally clueless about or something we want to get better at doing.

Consumers experience these moments. Since brands have decided to put out everything about their products and services online; consumers expect these brands to be at their beck and call. Regardless of the time of the day or any other factor, consumers seek information and they always expect brands to give them answers.

This is not supposed to be a worrisome situation for brands, as smart brands can clearly see that this is an opportunity!

In these micro-moments, preferences are shaped! This is the time when consumers make decisions as to the brand they choose to be loyal.

The brands that own the future are those brands that know how to make the best of these moments.

How to Take Advantage Of Micro-Moments

Here are a couple of salient points on how consumers can harness micro-moments:

  • Research: A number of sectors have their bank of resources on consumer behavior research and articles. Tap into the micro-moment center of knowledge and search for information directly linked to your industry.
  • Do a study on the data: You’ve got to study the trends and see if users are searching for the products and services you offer and specifically your brand. Look through to also see the kind of devices they’re using and the trend that yields high conversion rates for you. Note a pattern of behavior from these studies.
  • Use your understanding: Based on the understanding of your analysis, formulate a plan to ensure you are present in those micro-moments. Take all necessary measures to show up in a search (such as optimizing the friendliness of your site and ensuring your search engine result page has a strong positioning).
  • Ensure your content is visible: This is possible using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) markup.
  • Consider your content itself: Content bridges a lot of gaps between the brand and consumers. Given the amount of information you have, you can begin to formulate a new strategy to ensure your content is top-notch. As they say, content is King!

To Wrap It Up

Now you know that nothing wins the heart of a user like a good perception of you in their micro-
moments, you should totally go for making yours the best.


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