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Feb 10, 2018

Looking to be more visible online? Here’s the good news; the solution is laid out for you right in this blog!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method used to make a company or brand website more visible by increasing traffic to their website and ranking a website higher on a search engine results page (SERP), such as Google. This digital marketing strategy is a solution that makes the company’s website more discoverable by users of a search engine; with the primary goal of receiving first-page placement of search engine result pages. The ultimate result of using this marketing strategy is to increase sales of products or services.

One fact that cannot be denied is that the process of using SEO can be tedious, yet, it is rewarding.

SEO is brought to work by a joint effort of various departments in an organization. This includes the content production team, the design team and of course, the marketing department team of the organization. Without a doubt, SEO work entails analyzing and comparing statistics. Some also come with the need to carry out business analysis.

One thing that never changes when it comes to the SEO process is that websites with amazing and quality content, better user engagement, and a right amount of external links have better ranks on a SERP.

If your organization isn’t using an effective SEO strategy, you must know that you are making a big mistake. There are a lot of benefits to leverage on from the use of SEO. One statement summarizes it all: “Users go online to search for the goods you sell or the services you offer.” This fact alone opens the channel for many other benefits such as higher conversion rates, increase in sales and leads, little or no need for paid advertising, the building of trust and the credibility, and surety of an online market that is loyal to you. This is only possible if a company makes use of search engine optimization.

How about the 90% more clicks that SEO has over pay-per-click?

In these times, clients use what they see online to make decisions as to the brands that are loyal. Any organization that isn’t making use of SEO is missing out.

Wondering how to get started? Below are the six general phases.

Six general phases of the SEO process

  • Research: This is an important process that involves researching the business, analyzing the competitors, assessment of the current state, and searching for keywords.
  • Planning and strategy: This includes deciding on how to handle content, building the links, managing online and social media presence, and strategy for technical implementation.
  • Implementation: This step is executing the plans and all the optimization choices that have been made.
  • Monitoring: Here, the metrics (such as traffic, web spiders, and search engine rankings) are noted for the process of assessment.
  • Assessment: This process is all about cross-checking the effect of strategy on the desired SEO targets.
  • Maintenance: Here, all issues with the website’s operation are worked upon as they come up.

In conclusion

SEO is a must for dominating Google search results. It should be embraced by every organization seeking visibility by current and future customers through the web.


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