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Use the Power Influencer Marketing to Sway Your Target Audience

Mar 8, 2018

Running out of marketing ideas? Are you wondering if you would have return-on- investment from your other means of marketing?

Use an influencer marketer and you are sure to experience a massive increase in your business?

Influencer marketing uses brand advocacy to drive a brand’s message to a larger audience. Basically, it singles people out with large social media influences and a large number of followers to win the hearts of your target market.

One thing influencer marketing does for you is to shift the burden of marketing from you to a paid influencer to advocate for your brand.

Imagine a testimony from a YouTube style influencer about an item he got recently from a shoe producer. It would draw the mind of his subscribers or viewers (which would be largely fashion lovers) to that brand.

Consumers hardly still care about what’s being said on the radio or television.

The truth is people trust other people’s opinion. Some would even do as much as go to other people’s social media pages to check out their opinion on certain items. These other people are “influencers”. You can’t win the heart of thousands or millions of people in a single instance, but people already have influencers who they love, and it is in your power to win one influencer over to your side by paying them.

Influencer marketing is one of the top ways of attracting customers to your brands. When influencers help in your own brand advocacy, you have indirectly recruited them as part of your team’s marketing department. They would create and share content about your brand.

Many brands are using the power of influencers, and it is not hard to see why. Still wondering why they do that?

Keep on reading.

Reasons Brand Use Influencer Marketing

  • It works for real: Statistics have revealed that word-of-mouth recommendation brings about an increase in sales and patronage. Influencer marketing uses this concept as people only believe people they love and trust. Therefore, influencer marketing works better compared to any other form of brand advertisement.
  • It uses the power of social media: These days, companies have to go beyond using only websites. Social media channels are more interactive and customers absolutely love them! Brands have to go to where their customers are situated. Influencer marketing does this for you. It is not rare to hear millennials say their favorite YouTube celebrity understands them better than their friends. It would be such an easy thing to take advantage of this fact and use the influencer.

Benefits That Brand Accrue From Using Influencer Marketing

The gains of using influencer marketing are surplus, but here are a few of them:

  • Awareness and exposure for your brand: There is an audience waiting to read content linked to your industry and your product. Influencer marketing makes it easy.
  • Measure how well your brand campaign is moving with no extra effort: You can easily see how many re-tweets your influencer has on Twitter or how many likes and comments they have on their Instagram post. This would give you an idea of the numbers to which you have advertised. No other method of measuring progress beats this.
  • Make your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) better: Using the service of a brand influencer makes your ranking in searches better. In the end, you will be on the winning side!


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