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5 Online Reputation Management Tips to Establish Your Brand

Oct 28, 2017

Top-notch brands invest heavily in online reputation management to build and safeguard their reputation. Just look up on Google, and you will find a Facebook Page, Google Plus page, and probably a LinkedIn account. There are many other sources that you may not have heard of, but they too have some information on them.

So, it is essential for every business to flaunt only the neutral or positive content online. There are ways that can enable you to control the way how your business, and its product/services, is perceived.

Here are 5 tips to help you establish, protect, and manage your online reputation-

Prepare Original Content
People like to read content, and that is the reason why great Content-is-King. Good/great content needs to read and sounds less corporate and more human. You need to prepare content that portrays all originalities and be very transparent to the audience. It will help you stay connected and aids you in developing an understanding the consumer behavior. Just write what you are and how you can bring a difference to your target audience, and it is done.

Handling Negative Reviews
Before making any hotel booking, we always go online to check its social media profiles and read reviews. Yes, this is what all of us are relying on because reviews come first-hand from the consumers of the very service. Most businesses encourage the consumers with positive experiences to post on various sites such as Google Places, Yahoo! Local and even Yelp.com.

However, what you should do when notice a negative review. Don’t try to cover that by posting a lot of positive reviews else you will experience internet trolls. Be open to them, and offer them something positive.

Write Press Releases
Some of the best PR websites such as PR Web and EIN Presswire to help you build your reputation. You can create article featuring news, new product releases or anything you are expert in. Invest in writing quality content, and it is sure to outrank any website that is lacking authority over the internet.

Remove or Replace Content
It is possible that you have negative reviews on certain websites. Simply ask them if the particular content can be removed. If that is not possible, then request them to add something neutral that may replace the negative content in the Google search results.

Create Business Profiles on Social Media Channels
Create business pages on various social media networks. Instead of making profiles on too many social media networks, take some time out to figure out where your audience is and set up accounts over there only. Generally, everyone has at least one account on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

All these above-mentioned tips will help you establish your brand online, and uplift its reputation in the eyes of your target audience. Regular monitoring is mandatory to sustain the results.


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