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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile For 2022

Jan 1, 2022

You may have heard that Google recently renamed its Google My Business platform into Google Business Profile. Besides the name change, not much else is changing, and the platform still offers a killer way to get more local clients.

If you run an SMB in 2022, you need to have a fully-optimized GBP to compete with your local competitors. Let us walk you through why and how you should optimize your GBP.

Why You Should Optimize Your GBP

Local SEO is now more important than ever as Google continues to feature GBPs more and more prominently in Search and Maps results. You should optimize your GBP because:

    • It is a highly cost-effective way to gain new clients.
    • People using Maps generally have high intent and are ready to buy.
    • Clients can call or message you directly, bypassing your website and reducing the drop-out rate.

Keep in mind that your competitors are likely doing some local SEO themselves. Don’t let them take all the local customers!

How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Google Business

Google puts a lot of effort into its products, and they’re very proud of them, which is why they reward people who utilize them to their fullest extent. Optimizing a GBP generally means filling out every section and interacting with your listing as often as possible. Let us walk you through the process.

Fill Out All the Company Information

As a credible source of information, Google wants to provide its users with the most complete and accurate information. If there is missing or inaccurate info on your Profile, such as opening hours or address, Google will be reluctant to send people your way.

Make sure to go through your entire GBP and add all the information that you can. Make sure it is accurate, as Google will penalize your local rankings if users complain.

Write a Keyword Driven Description

Your business description should include several keywords without being overly aggressive. You want to be concise, helpful, and transparent. Specify which products or services you offer and what benefits you offer your clients.

Include Your NAP in Your Listings Across the Internet

Google is terrified of giving inaccurate information to its users, which is why they have trust issues. The best way for Google to trust that your NAP (name, address, phone number) is accurate is by seeing it repeated across the internet multiple times.

Add Photos of Your Business

Adding photos to your business will help people visualize your store, products, or services. The more information they can find on your GBP listing, the more likely they will contact or visit you.

Get More Reviews

Getting more (legit) reviews is a great way to increase your local rankings. Don’t be shy to ask current and past clients for a quick review. As long as they are satisfied, most will be happy to leave you a good review.

Interact With Your Listing Often

GBP’s have plenty of features that many business owners don’t interact with all that often. Ensure that you do, as this will show Google that you’re invested in your GBP listing. Make sure to reply to every review, do a Q&A, and post to your GBP regularly.

Hire an Experienced Digital Agency to Handle Your Local Marketing

If you do not have the time to optimize and run your GBP, you should contact a marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing. At Auxilium Technology, we have years of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses optimize their local SEO. Call us today at 301-519-9622 to see how we can help you optimize your GBP.


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