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Whats Happening in the Social Media World for 2018

May 8, 2018
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What’s Happening in the Social Media. Social Media Trends for 2018

This past decade has proven to be one of the impressive advancements in technology and Social Media trends. Social Media has united our Nations, bringing our loved ones from across the world closer to us. Not to mention, Social Media platforms opened the floodgate to the world of online advertisement that benefited both consumers, and businesses. Due to the major breakthroughs in online advertisement via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat; entrepreneurs, small business owners, as well as entertainers, now have a simple and cost-effective way to grow their brands. These platforms allow entities, the ability to reach thousands of interested consumers in a matter of minutes and bring consumers relevant and time-sensitive information on demand. So, what’s happening in the Social Media World for 2018? Is it possible for Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to amaze us with new insight? Has Social Media reached its peak, soon drizzling to ‘that thing we did’ in the past? Have we outgrown Social Media? Or will Social Media platforms reach new levels in 2018, amazing us with new, inventive ways to communicate and advertise?

Social Media
There’s a lot happening in the Social Media World for 2018

It is no question that Facebook is one of Social Media’s giants. Consumer not only utilize Facebook to communicate with friends and family; but, Facebook offers a variety of options for small to large business owners in the realms of advertisement and sales. So what’s next? Lots! Facebook captivated its users in 2017 with Facebook Live. However, that was just the beginning. Facebook recently introduced a new concept to live and on-demand broadcasting. Allowing its users to record videos and more with Facebook Watch. Facebook Watch is a new platform for shows hosted via Facebook. This is extremely huge news for business wishing to advertise via Facebook Watch. Why? Imagine being able to build your audience by delivering relevant and interesting video content. The population has already demonstrated a need for less time-consuming content. No one wants to spend 30 minutes reading content anymore. Most prefer video content that they can comment and interact with.

Facebook biggest competitor has to be Instagram. With millions of new users every day, Instagram has certainly secured its seat as another Social Media giant. So, what are some new Social Media trends for 2018 offered by Instagram? Nowadays, it’s all about Instagram Feed. With their integration with Shopify, Instagram has taken ahold of those impulsive “oh, I must have,” shoppers. Purchasing items via Instagram could be easy or difficult depending on the item. We will also see a competitive side to Instagram when it comes to video marketing. Consumers may notice more 360 videos and VR content in 2018.

Who said the last place is actually the last place. Snap Chat has proven to be anything but. Though Snap Chat may not be as seasoned as Instagram and Facebook, they are giving their competitors a lot to worry about. 2018 will be a great year for Snap Chat. Snap Chat is developing great and inventive ways for users to grow their brand and to communicate with family and friends. However, these two tasks may be separated. This will allow business owners to have a place for content and advertisement and a place to conduct personal activities. Very cool.

There is a lot happening in the Social Media world. As our favorite Social Media Platforms adapt so must we. Advertising successfully can be a tricky concept. If you want your business to succeed, you may consider hiring a professional. Auxilium Technology delivers comprehensive internet marketing solutions designed around the needs of your company. Backed by specialized expertise, Auxilium brings high-quality services and support to all its clients. We offer professional web development to managing your online presence. Our commitment to client satisfaction covers everything your business needs to thrive online.

Let’s be honest, the competition is fierce, and your online performance can mean the difference between success and failure for your business. That’s why Auxilium Technology gives you a piece of mind through award-winning products and award-winning services that tackle the various needs of clients across all industries. Contact Auxilium today for your free consultation to learn more about the potential that awaits your business.


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