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Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Google Business…

May 23, 2022

Why You Should Pay Attention

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Google Business Profile’s Opened on Date

Google Business Profile listings are excellent ways to deliver information to current and potential clients. They include essential business information like address, operating hours, and phone number. However, there is a lot of optional information that many businesses fail to take advantage of.

The “Opened on” date is one of the most common mistakes businesses make when updating their Google Business Profile. If your GBP is missing this critical piece of information, keep reading to learn how to add it, common mistakes to avoid, and why it’s so important.

Where to Find the Opened on Date

You can very easily find your “Opened on” date in the “Info” tab of your Google Business Profile dashboard. Simply navigate to the tab and scroll all the way down to find and add your business’s opening date to your GBP. You can be as specific as possible with your opening date, but you only need to add the month and year your business was established.

Common Opened on Date Mistakes

While adding your opening date may sound very straightforward, there are many common points of confusion that may lead people to a few common mistakes. As a full-service marketing agency with years of experience helping businesses optimize their GBP, here are some of the most common mistakes we’ve seen.

Left Blank

This is by far the most common mistake businesses make. Since Google doesn’t include a ton of information about the “Opened on” date on the GBP dashboard, many users get confused by it and simply leave it blank. You should avoid leaving this blank by all means as it’s very important for local SEO! Keep reading to learn why.

Updated to Latest Address Change

Again, the “Opened on” feature can be quite confusing to users. If your business moves to a new location, you may think that it’s time to update the opening date to the new location’s inauguration date. This is not the case! Your business’s date of establishment should stay the same no matter how many times you move locations.

Different Date for Different Locations

Similarly, you should not have different “Opened on” dates for different locations. Just because a location is new doesn’t mean it should have a later opening date than your original location. The best way to think about this is as the “date of establishment” of your business, which will stay the same as long as it continues doing business without interruption.

Why Your Opened on Date Is Important for Local SEO

Finally, you should know why having your opening date is so important. First, it establishes customer trust as companies that have been in business for a long time tend to have a better reputation than newer ones. That’s why “Established on” dates are so common in business logos and slogans.

Perhaps even more importantly, opening dates can have a big impact on conversion rates and Profile clicks once your business gets on the local pack.

As you can see, the opening date shows up right under the reviews. This makes it extremely visible for customers, so you want to make sure they can see how many years you’ve been in business for!

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