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Content Personalization

Apr 5, 2018

Believe it or not, we used to live in simpler times. When I as a consumer, could log onto Facebook and
actually connect with family and friends. I mean, that was the dream that the Facebook founder had for us all, right? Of course, with the advancement of modern day technology and the needs of us all, a change was bound to happen. With advancements came ads. Oh, how we dread those annoying ads. It probably wouldn’t be as horrible if the ads had any relevance to our preferences.
Nevertheless, it is time for us to evolve yet again. In 2017, we all took notice of the change happening in
content management. We noticed an increased interest in our likes and dislikes, more specifically, social media platforms increase interest in our likes and dislike- our online preferences. Why? In 2017 Content Personalization really took center-stage as a benefiting marketing trend. The ability to offer your customers a personalized online experience will no doubt increase traffic to your site. If your content displayed is more relevant and the audience it is set out to engage and more receptive, chances are you will see more activity. The good news is that Content Personalization is evolving and does not show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

So, what is Content Personalization?

As you may be able to imagine, it is a tricky concept to deliver relevant information to the right person, at the right time. With content personalization, what was once deemed irrelevant, preferably because it was deemed impossible, is now possible. Content Personalization is a strategy that uses a consumer’s personal experiences online (data) to deliver relevant content based on that consumers likes and dislikes, browsing history, commonly searched terms, etc.

Content Personalization is the means to optimize the consumer’s experience via either a website or a company campaign. For starters, this extraordinary marketing strategy is all about offering your customers a tailored experience based on their preferences and behaviors. Digital Service Providers such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are known for their use of personalization, bringing their consumers relevant content and content suggestions. This is a strategy that has made a vast improvement for many online platforms.

How will you benefit from Content Personalization as a consumer?

Let’s face it, ads are not going away any time soon. So, why not manage what we actually see and what we don’t see? Many of us spend more than enough time drifting through unwanted content just to get the information we desire. With Content Personalization, we are delivered content related to our search history. This allows us to spend less time online and gather what we seek in a manageable amount of time.

How will companies benefit from Content Personalization?

Content Personalization is a great way to increase traffic to your site and/or your ad campaign. You are delivering content based on your target audience real-time preferences. Delivering relevant content is key to increasing traffic and sales.


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