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Top 14 SEO Tools for Small Businesses

Oct 5, 2018

It is very important to use the right SEO tools to be successful in search engine optimization. Without proper tools, it would be impossible to conduct keyword research, track rankings, analyze competitors, track traffic, conversion trends, identify the technical problems or implement the effective content marketing.

All this will become a burden if the right SEO tools are not available. It is obvious for anyone to be confused with so many tools in the market making it difficult for the users to select the best tool for themselves.

Check out the top 14 SEO tools for small businesses with us!!

We have made a list of the right and the superior quality SEO tools for the users of small businesses to make it easier for them. With our guidance, you will never feel hard to make a decision. Check out these tools and start working.

  • Google Analytics – A powerful and a free website analytics tool which once installed carefully on your website will help you report all the marketing tactics making you drive all the traffic, leads, conversions, how visitors use the site and which content is preferred more. Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and superior tools that will help you out in analyzing your website better.
  • Google Search Console – It was earlier known as the Google Webmaster Tools which lets the user set up an account and get all the alerts if Google finds any errors on the website. With the help of this tool, the users will be able to view the key stats like the number of times your website showed up in the search results per keyword, number of clicks per keyword and the click rate that is showed up in the search results for your website. The best part is that you can link the search console to the analytics and unlock more reporting tools on your Analytics account. Once you have linked the two tools, you will be able to review the impressions, landing pages and the click-through rates on your Analytics account.
  • Google My Business – It formalized into business in the year 2004 when Google wanted to come out of the platform,i.e., Google+ that never really took off. It is very important for every small business to have a well maintained Google My Business Profile as it not only helps the business to rank higher but also provides easy contact information, testimonials from Google as well as other listing sites and contact information with Google Maps integration. The excellent thing about it is that it’s free and an indispensable tool for every small and local business.
  • Rank Ranger– This one is a robust SEO analysis tool. It is best in tracking keyword rankings, organic rankings of the website on major search engines, local rankings in the map results and most importantly it will help you out in identifying the trends up or down in the rankings so that the users can adjust their strategies accordingly.
  • The Screaming Frog– The unique feature of this free Spider SEO tool is that it can help you conduct a technical SEO audit for your website. The users just need to get started by downloading it and typing out the website domain and click out on the box to Crawl All Subdomains. In just a few minutes, you will be able to see a detailed audit of all the web pages. Whether it is Meta tags or error status codes or any of the problems that take time manually, etc., everything will be looked upon by this tool.
  • Moz Local– Citations are looked after by Moz Local. The best thing is that you’ll be able to catch out whether your information is consistent across all of the directories like Yelp, Bing Local, and even Facebook business pages. In case you are missing out on the important directories,or you have duplicate listings, it will be shown to you appropriately on the tool.
  • ImportXML– Though it is not exactly a tool but a formula that is available in Google Sheets, it can help a lot if you are comfortable with the spreadsheets. It can be used to pull any type of data into the Google sheet from the varied, diverse sources like XML, HTML, CSV, TSV, and RSS feeds and is particularly used for the businesses who are trying to organize their SEO webpage data. The outstanding part about this document is that the users can easily pull out the current title tag, meta description, headers of a webpage into a single sheet where you can review and edit the documents easily. You should know that it is a huge time saver.
  • WhiteSpark– With this tool, you can easily find out the citations that are relevant for your particular business type. They will provide you with the option to pay them and then set up citations to save all your time.
  • BrightLocal– This one is yet another citation building tool which is similar to the tool mentioned above. This tool will help you uncover the different citation opportunities,and you will have a better exposure with this one. You also have the option to pay them and create a citation for you.
  • Ahrefs – The user must understand that using backlinks and understanding it effectively is very important in SEO and this tool will give you a full access to the backlink tools. You can use this tool to first analyze your website and make sure that the backlinks are available from the legitimate websites. In case you find many of the backlinks from the spammy sites, then Google will penalize the website and it will be difficult for you to remove those backlinks and obtain higher rankings. At this point in time, you can use this tool to analyze the competitors and see where the backlinks will take you.
  • Moz Open Site Explorer– It is also one of the backlink tools,but you must know that no tool is 100% accurate when it comes to finding out the backlinks which are the reason behind using multiple tools for the backlinks to obtain the full picture.
  • Raven Tools– This will enable you to create an automated marketing report for PPC, SEO, and Social Media. It will pull out data from the most common tracking tool like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook, and Google AdWords & Twitter. The best part is that you can schedule out the reports to be sent out weekly, monthly, quarterly which will ultimately help you in saving time and money.
  • SEO Quake– The all in one SEO toolbox comes in the form of a browser plugin. The hand quick reference tool is used for evaluating the sites of competitors and your own website. With this tool, you will have a quick and efficient SEO metrics for the individual pages and a full SEO audit function to evaluate the quality of the site for on page and off page SEO.
  • SEO Power Suite With this tool, the users will find best link opportunities to push their website higher in the search engines. It is a great tool which will help you find the relevant link opportunities and in just a few mouse clicks you will be able to find out the top ranking websites along with the niche competitors. The best thing is that it is easy to use and is a straightforward tool.

Try out these amazing tools and leave your feedback here.

Would love to listen from you all.

Till then stay tuned.




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