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SEO Strategies that will Works in 2015

Dec 26, 2014

2014 was one of the most eventful year for Google with lot of search algorithms updates like Google Penguin, Google Panda and other search updates. These updates had affects lot of brands and seo agencies which were not complying with latest guidelines of these updates and algorithms.

Now as we are going to enter into 2015, So we should also take care of latest SEO practices and guidelines for 2015 which will help us to keep safe from search engine ranking penalties. Here we are going to share some latest SEO practices that will still work in 2015. Hope these practices will help you in SEO:

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is one of the most important SEO practices and will remain same as it is almost covering whole SEO term in it. Quality of content will help you to get top positions in search engines as all search engines loves unique and fresh content. All major type of content like text images and videos should have their specific content quality. For example text based content should have quality to increase conversation, images based content needs to be eye-catching and videos to be viral etc.

Guest Blogging:

One of the best way to build authority backlinks is to use guest blogging as your link building strategy. Guest blogging will help you to target right audience to your website. Your guest post on a high quality and authority blog will give you a huge amount of visitors as well as a valuable backlink to your website.

 Social Networks:

Social networks have a major role in SEO these days and will be an important part upcoming years. Most of Major search engines are using social signals as ranking factors in their search algorithms. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest helps in SEO by increasing social user’s interaction towards your business which helps to increase direct and referral sales for your business.


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