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Landing Page Optimization Tips

Sep 12, 2016

Landing Page Optimization Tips

Landing page optimization is a part of an internet marketing process called conversion optimization. The main goal of this process is to increase the number of visitors to the website. This goal is set in mind with the concept that visitors eventually become customers and lead to more sales. Landing page optimization helps to better engage your target audience and captivate their attention for a longer period of time. It is crucial for SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

A landing page is a webpage that is displayed when a visitor (potential customer) clicks on a search engine result link or on an advertisement. This web page displays content that is an extension of the advertisement or link.

There are two primary benefits of landing page optimization:

  1. Improve your quality score: Quality score is Google’s rating of the quality of your PPC ads and keywords. Quality score can be used to determine your cost per click and it can also help in the ad auction process by determining your ad rank. Your website and company would benefit from a good quality score as it would set you for higher return on investment. LPO (Landing Page Optimization) would help your website get a higher quality score as it would allow the well designed websites to present content that is more aligned with the user’s searches.
  2. More PPC Leads: Using LPO, more of your clicks will lead to conversions – and this is what truly gets you ahead of your competitors.

There are two main bases for setting up and LPO. They are targeting and experimentation. Each of them has several types of their own as well.


  • Predictive Content Targeting: In this type, the page content is adjusted in correlation with any existing information about the user (for example: browsing patterns, prior purchase behavior etc.) to predict future actions.
  • Associative Content Targeting: The page content is created using the visitor’s search criteria, geographic information of source traffic or other parameters.
  • Consumer Directed Targeting: This is also known as social targeting as the page content is modified according to any information publicly available about the visitor including reviews, ratings. tags, etc.


  • Open-ended experimentation: This experimentation method is commonly used by large corporations to improve user experience and conversion rates. It exposes the user to a higher amount of variations than closed ended experimentation and does not stop experimenting even after the optimal combination of elements has been achieved.
  • Closed-ended experimentation: In this type of experimentation, consumers are exposed to several variations of landing pages with different elements altered such as the layout, headlines, format etc. All of this is altered while observing the consumer’s behavior in an attempt to remove distractions that take the lead away from the page. At the end, a ‘winner’ page is determined based on the outcome of the experimentation.

There are several ways to optimize a landing page including strong headlines, attractive designs, clickable buttons, user-friendly buttons, concise content and A/B testing. To know more about optimizing a landing page for your website, contact us anytime and we can help your website gain more visitors easily.


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