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How Social Media Impacts Your Site’s Search Engine Rankings

Jan 2, 2024
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During the nascent days of the rise of social media, there was a lot of speculation about its overall impact on the internet. Many experts at the time conjectured that social media would end the dominance of search engines. At the same time, others weren’t too optimistic and dismissed social websites as fads or niches in their own right. However, the present situation is significantly different from what was predicted at the time. Today, social media works handsomely in tandem with our search engines and provides more space for creativity. It allows marketers to think differently and make sure they fully understand how social media impacts a business’ search engine rankings.

Search and Social Converge!

In stark contrast to what people thought would happen, amazingly, social media hasn’t dwindled, nor has it replaced search as the center of the internet. Instead, what has emerged is a convergence between the two forces. Your social media performance does not go unnoticed by search engines; it influences your position on the search results pages.
Hence, marketers must ensure their social media strategies work seamlessly with their search engine optimization strategies. At Auxilium Technology, we fully understand how social media interacts and improves search performance, so here are five exciting ways social media influences search engine rankings.

5 Ways Your Social Media Pages Can Influence Your Search Engine Rankings

So far, we have established that your social media pages directly influence your search rankings. However, how they do it and how you can harness the power of social media to enhance your search engine performance requires further discussion. Here are five ways how social media complements search performance!

Your Social Media Pages Are Indexed

You must have already noticed that search engines index social media pages similar to your website and its pages. Google and other search engines crawl your social media pages and rank them just as they would rank other web pages. Hence, you must establish a powerful presence on your social media to ensure that your business occupies the highest spot on the search pages for relevant searches. Your social media pages thus bring in more leads and customers through the power of search!

Link Building Through Social Media Sharing

According to many experts, social media sharing is seen as a new version of link building. The idea is to produce engaging, shareable, high-quality content on your social media. The more people share your social media posts, the more links they generate, thus adding credibility to your brand. Over time, as you keep producing shareable content, the search engines begin rewarding your brand’s position in the search engine results pages. Hence, you must push excellent content over your social media channels.

The Role Of Keywords On Social Media

People generally believe keyword optimization is only necessary for their business web pages. This is not true. As a marketer, you need to use a collaborative keyword strategy between your social media and business website, as both influence your site’s search engine ranking and content reach. We recommend using the same keyword strategy for your social media as you do for search. It will help streamline your message on the internet and allow for more growth and reach, bringing in more conversions.

Add Links To Social Profiles!

Many people aren’t big on sharing links on social media posts since they are generally considered no-follow links that do not lend any authority to the website in terms of search engine performance. However, few people understand that the website links you add to the bio section of your social media pages and handles are actually ‘follow’ links, meaning that they will affect your search performance. Hence, it is recommended that you add the most relevant link/links to the bio section of your social media profiles.

More Traffic Means Higher Rankings

In today’s digital marketing environment, you cannot just rely on a search optimization strategy without harnessing the power of social media. You must actively build and engage with your audience on social media channels such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter (X), YouTube, etc., and drive traffic towards your web pages. As you share your good-quality content on social media, it will lead people to your website because of heightened interest. As more people visit your website through social media sharing, the search engines sensing the increased interest in your website begin to improve its search engine ranking.

Unleash The Power Of Social Media With Auxilium Technology

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