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Google Mobile Website Certified – Auxilium Technology is Google Certified and why is that so great?

Apr 20, 2018

Can you imagine what it is like to work hands-on with a fully certified professional in developing your mobile websites and programs or having a mobile website experience as hitch-free as your desktop? Auxilium Technology can bring the thrill of that feeling to you as it is now a fully certified Google mobile website.

Mobile App development is the process by which software application is developed for small devices other than PC computers for easy access to information.

Auxilium Technology stops at nothing to ensure that clients gets the very best of services, which can be evident in this certification. It is one thing to know about mobile websites and it is another thing to actually decide to undergo training and programs in it, which makes Auxilium Technology a competent service provider with the client’s best interest at heart.

This certification is a very important one considering that often times in this field, people plunge into business without the requirement of a certificate whatsoever. Being certified in it, therefore, means that Auxilium Technology has been tried, tested, examined, and still came out competent enough to be certified. Now that in itself gives Auxilium Technology an edge up in this field.

Considering that Auxilium Technology is also certified as a Google partner, this certification is entirely different from that in the sense that the Google partner certification is awarded to individuals who have passed the AdWords assessment procedures, while the mobile app certification is awarded to individuals who have shown proficiency in mobile websites, and have passed the mobile site assessment.

There are a number of things you can gain from working with Auxilium Technology as your web specialist:

  • Professional service: You get your mobile application software handled by a thoroughly tried and tested professional. This ensures competency and accuracy in the services provided to you and you can rest assured that your work is in capable hands.
  • Access to first-hand information: Being certified places Auxilium Technology in a community of knowledge that is not assessable by the general public. This ensures that the best services are delivered to clients as Auxilium Technology has a vast array of information that enables the best results.
  • Auxilium Technology creates mobile applications by changing designs and wireframes into high-quality codes. Auxilium Technology also ensures the best performance and response of the application.
  • Mobile brand value: Auxilium Technology can help you create a strong mobile awareness for your brand which helps in promoting the quality of your brand to the public. You could use your app to show your customers why they should love you and choose you.
  • Great user feedback: Auxilium Technology can help develop your app in such a way that it leaves an imprint in the mind of the application user. Getting user feedback such ensures a larger community that your app is functioning correctly and exceeding expectations. It is a well- known fact that a service cannot thrive without a satisfied community of users.
  • Time-saving: Using a proficient and competent team of certified professionals such as Auxilium Technology would help in time management and therefore be cost-efficient and leave room for more work to get done.


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