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Inhuman Bot Rendering Human Help: CHATBOTS

May 5, 2018

Inhuman Bot Rendering Human Help. Imagine software having a conversation with a human and you have a bot!

A chatbot is a service usually run by rules and artificial intelligence a couple of
times; which you converse with through a chat interface. It is also known as a
talkbot, Bot, interactive agent, chatterbot, IM bot, or Artificial Conversational
Entity. With this computer program, conversations are conducted using textual or
auditory processes. A user gives a bot an instruction and it performs the
appropriate action. He asks a question and a bot is sure to give an answer. The
automated pop-ups on your screen when you’re browsing the net are also chatbots.

The aim behind the designing of chatbot is to simulate how a person will behave as
a partner in a conversation. It is useful for customer service and acquisition of

Famously, it is called the best pal of every entrepreneur.

This is not inaccurate as there has been a recent surge in artificial intelligence
which has changed the way businesses operate. A lot of automated systems now
exist, including voice-interactive customer service representatives and self-
checkout machines (commonly seen in grocery stores).

However, chatbot remains unique for the fact that it is not only useful to
customers, it is also useful to entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs now depend on
this technology.

There are several tasks that can be handled by a chatbot.

Some of the numerous tasks a chatbot can handle include:

  • Scheduling
  • Calendar reminders
  • Instantaneous translation of language (which is used to communicate with
    international employees or clients).
  • Processing of data
  • Financial alerts
  • Digital troubleshooting
  • Automated industry updates
  • Customer service (They can even predict the needs of a customer before they
    are stated).
  • Life advice (You can tell some bots your problems and they will give you
    solutions in return).
  • News (Some bots inform you when new things happen in your environment).
  • There are also some bots that can just be your FRIEND

Yes, friend! And bots, in general, serve many great benefits.

So, what’s the big deal about these chatbots and why are they even necessary for

The answer is because, currently in our world, people use messenger apps better
then the regular social networks.

Businesses have to be built around where they can reach out to people. That place
is currently messenger apps. This is what really makes chatbots a big deal. Imagine
if an online shop could chat with you instead of allowing you to spend time
endlessly navigating their website for various options? Users will definitely prefer
this option; however, humans can’t chat with several thousands or millions of
people at the same time. If at all, it would take a lot of time and much human

Therefore, chatbots should be embraced.

In conclusion, the most famous misconception about chatbots is that they interact
with you exactly the way a human would. While a class of bot can only respond to
a set of specific commands, the other gets smarter as they engage in more

This artificial intelligence tool is not a total replacement of human efforts; it rather
enhances them to ensure accuracy.


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