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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

We Help You Build and Protect an Impeccable Online Reputation

Auxilium Technology understands the importance of maintaining a strong and positive Online Reputation and a better presence than your competitors. Online reputation management has become as important as traditional PR, and it’s an integral part of any brand management strategy.

Online Reputation Management Services

In the digital age, word spreads really fast. Any company would have to improve their online standing, and make it positive in order to attract more customers. In real life, and online world, your reputation is everything. Auxilium Technology’s online reputation management strategy will take a multi-phased approach, so that all negative brand associations are removed completely.

A Comprehensive, Multi-Phased Approach To Build, Repair And Monitor Your Online Reputation

Our multi-phased approach in all our ORM services will target all social mentions about your brand on search engines, and on social media networking sites. An experienced team will be assigned to take care of your online reputation. This team will make sure it understands your current position, and your future goals, and do its best to help you achieve these goals. The goal is not just to improve your social standing; it is to eliminate any competition you might have at this level.

In order to develop an Online Reputation Management (ORM) strategy that does work, our team will interact with your leadership and marketing team, so that all pressure points can be identified. You might be unaware of the points identified by the team, but you need not worry as they will be taken care of by our experienced reputation professionals. The team will then discuss the various ways through which these pressure points can be neutralized, so that your company is not associated with any negative brand mentions. If you are okay with the methods that are going to be used, our team will implement the same

The Online Reputation strategy will not be singular. Our work is usually split into multiple audits, so that each problem can be addressed individually. Since we are breaking down all problems into individual cases, no problem is too big for us to handle. We take all measures to ensure that our work is done in a discrete manner, so that no suspicion is raised.

Online Reputation Management Services and Tools to Fit Everybody’s Needs

Online reputation is dynamic, and it’s forever changing. As a company, you should be able to track and control your online reputation, so that you know what strategies to implement and when. Auxilium Technology can assist you with this tracking challenge. Depending on the budget you have assigned to the same, we can provide your team with in-house tools and services that suit your needs, budget and resources. Our services include:

  • Privacy, NDA’s and Confidentiality
  • Online Reputation Repair
  • Brand reputation Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Our team of experienced project managers, translators, native writers, public graphic artists, relations specialist, cartoonists, ethical hackers, voice over specialists, bloggers, viral marketers search and social media experts, lawyers, data analysts, and highly accurate keyword monitoring tools.
  • Digital Brand Management

Our clients opt for our services for our unique ability to combine highly effective online reputation management services with highest grade of customer support services.

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