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What is B2B SEO?
In the B2B space, your website is your most important marketing tool. B2B SEO is optimizing
your business’ web pages so they stand out when potential partners, customers, or
employees use search engines for work-related purposes. Your website will appear in
Google where it matters and will generate qualified leads.

A strong online presence will give you the edge you need to outperform your competitors.
However, due to many of Google’s algorithm changes, SEO is not just about the
rankings. You need a digital marketing agency with experience and expertise in B2B SEO that
attempts to drive more traffic to your website.

B2B SEO Services from Auxilium Technology
With the proven team of digital experts, we deliver unmatched, innovative strategies for all
B2B companies in Rockville, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Our experts work with
your company to design custom SEO plans that align with your objectives and goals.

Our services include:

  •  keyword research
  •  content development and optimization
  •  landing page optimization
  •  on-page SEO
  •  online directory submission and link building
  •  integration with social media platforms
  •  and more

B2B SEO Campaign
The first step for building an effective SEO campaign for B2B is through analysis. Auxilium
Technology will deliver a detailed analysis of your existing website condition, keyword
effectiveness, traffic ranking, and your competition.

The insights uncovered through the historical data from your site provide us with the
information we need to build a successful SEO campaign adapted to accomplish your
marketing goals. We will deliver precise definitions of our SEO campaign goals, metrics, and
timelines. You will have the chance to observe whether your SEO investment is improving.
Our team of professionals will combine this information with your mission and target

For well-optimized B2B web pages, you will need a team of experts – web developer, web
designer, web developer content marketing expert, and SEO specialist to reach its best
potential. Auxilium Technology has employed professionals in all these areas that will get
your results faster.

B2B SEO is an ongoing process
As we mentioned, search engines’ algorithms change constantly so B2B SEO is not a one-
time audit. For the maximum value, our experts will regularly monitor and manage your

Auxilium Technology places high importance on client education and transparency. You will
get detailed, user-friendly monthly campaign reports informing you what we are doing and
earn our keep. We also welcome your ideas and input always.

We are the only digital marketing agency in Rockville, Maryland with no hidden fees. We
deliver quality, reliability, and security – our website must exceed over 1200 tests! We will
elevate your website position above your competitors in search results! By doing this, we
will help more B2B buyers discover your website.

Auxilium Technology learns what the visitors want from your website. We develop our
websites for positive ROI and convert your visitors into sales.

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