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Many law firms believe that their good reputation and expertise is enough to constantly attract
new clients, stand out from the competition, and increase profits. Unfortunately, this is not the
case. In today’s highly competitive market, having a strong online presence is a must for every
legal practice.

However, lawyers are very busy and can’t dedicate their time on marketing. Our digital
marketing services will enable you to spend more doing what you do best –representing clients
and winning cases in the courtroom.

Auxilium Technology will help your legal practice to:

  •  rank better in search engines
  •  have an optimized website that resonates with the target audience
  •  increase website traffic
  •  increase the number of quality leads
  •  build trustworthy relationships with potential clients
  •  help you build brand reputation

and more!

Our Digital Marketing Services for Law Firms
We deploy the most efficient digital marketing tactics to get the best results.

Website Design
Forget about website templates. We offer professional website solutions that will showcase
your law firm the right way. Meet with our designers to talk about your vision and message.
They’ll create a custom & authentic design, track its results, and make any necessary
adjustments until you’re fully satisfied.

SEO (Search engine optimization)
We know that no one looks for legal services on Google’s second page. We create custom SEO
strategies to ensure potential clients find you online. Some of the SEO tactics we use include:

  • Keyword research and optimization. Our SEO goes beyond generic keywords. We work
    with long-tail, detailed keywords that answer future clients’ questions and
    geographically-specific keywords to help potential customers in your area find you
  • High-quality content. Our team of experienced writes will produce & optimize relevant
    content that informs about your attorneys, services, pricing, and more in order to show
    the knowledge and expertise your practice has but also make it easier for search bots to
    crawl and rank your site.
  • Link Building. Auxilium Technology has developed an advanced process for building links
    to your site. Our link building tactics include broken link building, link bait, and link

Social Media
Social media platforms offer a number of benefits for law firms. Using Facebook, YouTube,
Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to find new clients, interact with them,
and establish your legal practice’s authority.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is a great tool to connect with prospects and convert them into clients. It also
enables your law firm to stay in touch with your clients, generate referrals by encouraging
subscribers to share your newsletters, and get positive reviews by asking them to review your
legal practice on local directories and sites like Yelp or Google+.

Pay-per-click marketing allows you to get noticed in SERPs without breaking the bank. Our
marketing pros focus on ad quality, great landing pages, CTR, and conversion rates to help your
legal practice get qualified leads.

Contact us today and find out how we can help your law firm grow!

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