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At Auxilium Technology, we understand that franchise marketing SEO comes with unique
opportunities & challenges.

Our dedicated team of digital marketing specialists understands the franchise industry and will
develop specific SEO strategies for your franchise to:

  •  help you boost rankings
  •  drive more qualified traffic to your website
  •  convert visitors into leads and sales

Our SEO Services for Franchises
Whether you’re looking to promote franchising opportunities to potential buyers or promote a
brand that offers assistance to franchisees, our team of marketing specialists is here to help.

Digital marketing, and especially search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to generate
leads. Better SERP rankings will result in better online visibility which, in turn, leads to increased

Plus, demonstrating that your brand has a strong presence on the search engines strengthens
your reputation, thus making your franchise more appealing to potential investors.

We offer professional analytics-driven SEO services built on a solid local foundation for:

  •  marketing executives
  •  coordinators
  •  franchisors and
  •  franchisees

to help them get on top of search results.

Local Franchise SEO
For a franchise to rank well in SERPs, it needs to have great local SEO. But with so many local
directories, this is not an easy task. our team of marketers will create a strategy for each
individual location taking into consideration the differences in the specific market area, local
competition, as well as demographics.

Our SEO strategies are adjustable to target different areas and multiple locations as the
franchisor expands geographically. As part of our local SEO strategies, our team of SEO
specialists will also make sure to optimize:

  •  location pages
  •  Google my business pages
  •  local directory listings and citations

for each and every one of your franchise locations.

Among the SEO services we offer in order to improve the ranking organically for each of your
locations are the following:

Functional website
Our experts will analyze your website to determine any franchise SEO issues that could affect
your rankings negatively. Such issues include domain risks, duplicate content, unnecessary
interlinking, etc. They’ll also address any structural issues your website might have such as
infrastructure, scalability, and consistency. Then, they’ll create a site that is fast, safe, mobile-
friendly, easy-to-navigate, and well-structured.

Relevant content
Our team of writers will create fresh, original, relevant, and engaging content including blog
articles, descriptions, images, and videos. Providing valuable content to visitors helps you to
establish your franchise company as an authority in the industry. In addition, they’ll optimize
the content for each of your locations to give each location an opportunity to dominate their
local market.

Do you have or run a franchise? Call Auxilium Technology today to learn more about our SEO
services for franchises.

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