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With so many options out there, education-related businesses need educational SEO services or digital marketing services
in order to put the word out and get noticed.

For universities, colleges, and other learning centers, as well as online educators that want to
attract new prospects, educational marketing is a must. Our professionals will help you to boost
traffic and get better online visibility with the purpose to increase the number of enrollments!

Our digital marketing agency will come up with a strategy that will:

  • set your educational website apart from the competition;
  • inform potential clients about your educational center’s benefits, staff, curriculum,
    programs, awards, etc., in order to attract potential students and increase revenue.

In the current technology-driven market, all businesses need to be present online. This also
counts for education centers looking to attract students and increase revenues. Collaborating
with a marketing agency and employing marketing tactics such as PPC, SEO, and email
marketing will enable your educational institution to improve its online presence and lead

Educational SEO Services
When it comes to SEO, our company has a team of SEO specialists comprised of analysts,
researchers, web developers & designers, as well as talented copywriters that handle every
a segment of an SEO campaign, including:

  •  Analyzing the competition
  •  Keyword research
  •  Content creation & editing
  •  Content marketing
  •  Creation of visual content
  •  Link building
  •  Mobile optimization
  •  On-site optimization
  •  Off-site optimization

all with the aim to bring the desired results quickly and efficiently.

Using SEO to Attract New Students
If your educational facility wants to boost enrollment, it needs to have a broader SEO
campaign. Auxilium Technology can help you with this too! Here is what we offer:

Mobile-friendly web design
Since your target group – young adults – tends to search for information on their mobile
devices, having a mobile-friendly site is a must. Our web developers will create an SEO
optimized, easy-to-navigate, a highly-functional website that will facilitate conversions.

Content creation
Increasing the content amount on your site is an important part of every SEO campaign. In
addition, content is the best way to build your business’s authority and inform potential
students about your school. Our team of writers will focus on creating long-form content that is
both informational and entertaining. Such content is highly shareable, which is helpful for
organic link generation through social networks. This way, SERPs will be able to find your
educational institution and rank it higher.

Location keyword targeting
Potential students often look for educational institutions by specific location. When it comes to
ranking, long keyword phrases (long-tail keywords) rank better because the competition for
them is lower. For instance, ‘fine art school in Chicago’ would be easier to rank than ‘art
school’. Attempting to rank for location-specific keywords can help you generate qualified
leads, i.e. students who are genuinely interested in enrolling.

Our professional marketing agency will help any university, college, or other learning centers to
get support in the marketing area, allowing its employees to focus their attention and efforts
on what they do best.

Contact us today to find out more about our educational marketing and SEO services.

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