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Today, consumers tend to check businesses online before making the decision to use their
services. That’s why having a digital marketing strategy is a must if you want to make you small
businesses visible and attract new customers.

However, small businesses face a number of obstacles when it comes to deploying an effective
marketing campaign. Many of them lack the manpower and expertise, whereas others work on
a tight budget.

Auxilium Technology helps small businesses of any industry, even those working on a shoestring
budget, by creating successful digital marketing campaigns and executing them from start to

Our Services for Small Businesses
We deploy various online marketing strategies including SEO, PPC, web design, social media
marketing, marketing automation, content marketing, copywriting, conversion rate
optimization, and email marketing.

Web Design
We’ll come up with the best combination of our services in order to improve your online
presence, drive traffic, and convert visitors to help your business grow.

Social Media
When it comes to social platforms, the marketing possibilities are countless. Whether you’re
sharing links, providing information, or letting people know about current special offers, social
media are the best way to connect & interact with your target audience and advertise your
small business.

Our marketing specialists will design a social media plan for your small business in order to get
the message out there and reach the target audience. We will work with you to determine the
best social platforms, create engaging posts, copy, and hashtag, as well as the best posting
schedule to help you stand out from the competition.

SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial for building a strong online presence and growing
your small business. We know that finding affordable SEO services can be challenging and we’re
here to help. Our team of marketing specialists will discuss your goals and budget to create a
custom SEO strategy that will help you boost rankings, draw more traffic, and attract new
customers. Our SEO services include keyword research, link building, content creation, and

Email marketing
Email marketing is a flexible, cost-effective way to attract new customers, strengthen
relationships with existing customers, establish expertise, and boost revenues. We will help
you achieve the best results by creating, managing, and updating an expert list. In addition, we
will segment the list in order to focus your message on the subscribers’ needs.

Pay-per-click advertising enables you to reach your target audience more easily. Auxilium
Technology will help design an effective PPC campaign that will increase conversions and boost
your small business’s revenue.

Other Digital Marketing Services We Offer
The services listed above are just a part of our offer. Our full-range marketing services also

  •  Local market and competition research
  •  Google My Business page management
  •  Landing page optimization
  •  Online reputation management
  •  Content creation and content marketing
  •  Branding and logo design
  •  Custom reporting

and more!

Call Auxilium technology today to learn more about our small business digital marketing

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