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Today, excellent chiropractic skills and expertise aren’t enough to get noticed. With such a large
number of search results, your chiropractor site can easily get lost. Auxilium Technology is here
to help you stand out from the competition and attract more patients.

Our digital marketing services for chiropractors help consumers to discover your clinic, get in
touch with you, and start using your services. Auxilium Technology provides a complete digital
marketing system by combining social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, online
reputation marketing, PPC, and more to get the most of your practice’s potential.

Our Digital Marketing Services for Chiropractors
Website Design
Auxilium Technology specializes in website design for chiropractic clinics. Our experienced
designers will create a custom website, making all the necessary revisions and updates until
you’re fully satisfied. And since prospective patients use mobile devices to look at your website,
we’ll make sure it is also mobile-friendly. Finally, in order to capture the visitors’ attention and
encourage them to schedule an appointment, we’ll add high-quality photos and videos that
represent your practice and staff in the best way.

Our SEO specialists understand the way patients search for information online and what they
expect to see when visiting a chiropractic website. We’ll create a custom SEO strategy that
covers keyword research, high-quality optimized content, on-page & off-page SEO, link building
and more to help your chiropractic practice rank higher in search results and make it easier for
potential clients to find you.

Content Marketing
Local marketing campaigns for chiropractors have two main purposes:

  •  to attract users that search for chiropractic services
  •  to persuade them that your clinic is the best fit for their needs

Content marketing, in conjunction with SEO, is the best way to achieve this. Our professional
writers and bloggers have a vast experience in working with chiropractors. They will produce
the pages and articles necessary to make sure that your practice ranks high on search engines
and that people searching for chiropractic services find your website.

Social Media
Social media platforms are a great way to grow your chiropractic business. Our digital
marketing experts will develop a detailed social media strategy which covers different social
media networks.

We’ll use these platforms to analyze trends and consumer interests in order to be able to target
the right audience. Then, we’ll create and share posts with information about your clinic’s
products & services, employees, treatments, special offers, etc., with the aim to get your
message out there and interact with existing and potential patients.

Pay-Per-Click ads are a great way to get found online quickly and draw relevant traffic. In
addition, PPC gives you an opportunity to rank on Google’s first page, gain visibility, and
increase the number of clicks to your site, all without breaking the bank.

The advantages of PPC for chiropractors practices are numerous and include:

  •  outranking the competition in the area of paid marketing
  •  fast generation of leads
  •  improve brand recognition
  •  encourage more phone inquiries
  •  drive relevant patient traffic

Online reputation management
Your brand is of utmost importance and for that reason, our marketing specialists will develop a
custom strategy to help you grow & protect your brand online.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help your chiropractic clinic grow.

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