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In today’s world of convenience, customers will leave your business for another if they cannot be served efficiently. As experienced digital marketers, we feel it is fundamental to your business success and urge you to optimize your site performance with our website analytics and monitoring.

Auxilium Technology helps your business receive all the benefits of the ever-changing digital world. We offer excellent website monitoring and troubleshooting to keep your website working fast on any device. Contact Auxilium Technology to learn how we’ll step up your website speed, allowing you to deliver your best message.

Website Performance Optimization

Better Web Performance & Detailed Diagnostics

As a business owner, it is important that you think of your website as a marketing agent – not a pamphlet. You do not want to lead your viewers through your website as if it were a historic mansion. This does not sell anything. Auxilium Technology’s digital team monitors your website’s performance and continually produces measurements regarding the nuts-and-bolts of your page. If your website does not …

  1. load quickly
  2. immediately show your products for sale
  3. guide them towards a call to action

… then they will find a more efficient webpage from which to purchase. Also, Google specifically indicates that a faster webpage will rank higher than a slower page. Auxilium Technology improves your website response time with performance bottleneck repairs, such as:

  • Streamlining elements on your page
  • Reorganizing your many style sheets into one Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  • Script reduction
  • Compress your bulky, high-quality content
  • Enable browser caching

Auxilium Technology techs discover the places on your website where users are not visiting, where they frequently visit, what slows down your site, and more. This information is then used by our digital specialists to constantly enhance the speed and performance of your website.

Every Second Counts in Website Load Time

A one-second delay in webpage load time shows more than 15% in decreased customer satisfaction and costs about 7% of the conversion rate. It is not difficult to understand the benefits of having an optimally-running site when you consider the statistics. Each component on your page may only take a half-second to load but these small numbers add up quick and leave heavy impressions on your website conversions and revenue.

Simply put, a slower page response time results in higher page abandonment numbers, lower conversion rates, and noticeable drops in revenue. Every two seconds longer it takes to display search results sees decreased revenue by more than four percent, and in total, nearly 80% of online shoppers will not purchase from a website again if they are dissatisfied with the website performance.

These are alarmingly high numbers. When you contact Auxilium Technology, we will help you identify whether your “share” or “retweet” buttons are slowing down your load time or your CDN is causing disruptions in website performance. The culprit slowing down your load time could be your beloved HD videos or your sluggish webpage host. Whatever it is, we will find and fix it.

Contact Auxilium Technology for Online Business Monitoring

Auxilium Technology can help you get your website optimizing automatically. When you contact us, we can put our deep understanding and experience to work for your business. Whether you want to add a monitoring configuration to an existing website or simply learn more about the incredible benefits of website performance enhancement and monitoring, our website development team can help. Contact us through our website or call 301-519-9622.

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