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Video For Business


Why video is important for websites and social media:

Video has become a standard component of any successful modern website, and there is good reason for this: It effectively engages viewers in ways text alone cannot. A good video has the ability to convey to audiences the character and qualities of your business; exposing viewers to the essential information they need to know.

This medium tells the story you want customers to hear. Through imagery, customers become familiar with you and your brand. Video content can promote, it can educate, it can motivate, and it can inspire.

And as businesses and marketers alike become increasingly aware of how effective this medium is, it becomes increasingly important for you to understand that as well. Video will not only allow your business to compete, but thrive!

Statistics and studies in regards to benefits of having video:



Websites with video can experience a 64% increase visitors purchasing products. (Source: Video Brewery)


Four times as many customers prefer watching a video about a product or service than read about it. (Source: Animoto)


Approximately 50% of website viewers seek a video related to a product or service before purchasing it. (Source:

Advantages of video being integrated within Auxilium’s larger web development/marketing:

Video itself is an effective medium for communicating to your audience, but just as important is a professional website to host it, and a successful marketing strategy to promote it.

With Auxilium, you benefit from having professional web development, internet marketing, and video production all-in-one; having cohesive branding and message across your internet presence.

This complete strategy means every element of your business is presented with professionalism.

Types of services:

Whether it’s a live-action promotional video, or an informational animation; we deliver complete videos through full production services to meet the various technical and creative demands of video development.

These services include:

  • Video Development Consulting
  • Video Producing
  • Videography
  • Video Editing
  • Motion-Graphics
  • Animations

Our professional approach and method:

Good development makes for a good video, and so our approach starts with planning for success. We take the time to understand your business, and its message; and from this we develop a strategy for making a video customized for your website, and your needs.

With professional equipment and a professional attitude, we coordinate with you to conduct video shoots around your schedule, and your business operation. Our productions are streamlined from start to finish to deliver complete professional videos with the best return on investment.

When paired with our professional photography services, you benefit from having a coordinated and professional team that provides a comprehensive vision for all of your imagery.

Weston Trussell – Video Producer (Associate of Auxilium Technology):



As a video developer with over ten years of professional experience, I bring extensive creative and technical knowledge into every project. I use my skills in videography, video editing, motion-graphics, and animation to deliver complete video solutions to clients.

My objective is to tell your story through imagery by understanding the character of your business, and your message. I design video specific to your business, and for your target audience: Working within the larger marketing strategy. By creating effective video content for your website and social media, viewers will be engaged and informed as to what makes your business stand out from the competition.

Watch Our Video To learn More About Our Video Services

So contact Auxilium Technology today to learn how we can create video for your website, and your marketing strategy.

Video For Business – Auxilium Technology
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