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You have of course heard of the popular saying, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ That shows the importance of having the right logo design for your company.

Whether it is a Fortune 500 company or a bootstrapping start-up, the one thing common among all top companies, and businesses that want to reach the top is that they have a logo that they can and want to be identified with. Imagine Apple and you can immediately picture the logo – that of an apple with a bite taken off it. A similar phenomenon happens with the tick mark of Nike.

The idea is simple – a simple logo is a sign of genius. And we will help you get there.

The BRAND Formula

An idea can change the world.

Your IDEA can change the world. Your business is a brand. It is an extension of yourself where your ideas come to life. We know that you, like us, want to provide the very best when it comes to serving your customers. We are on the same boat.

That is why we have developed the BRAND formula.

Brand is an acronym for what goes behind designing a logo that will leave behind a memorable impression on your customers.

Auxilium Technology Logo Design

Beauty beats boredom

No one gets tired of beauty. No one finds beauty as boring. Beauty remains timeless.

Do you know what is death to a brand, especially in the online world? Boredom. You cannot let that happen to your brand.

When we are designing a logo that will be representing your idea to your clients and customers, we make sure that it depicts your ideas beautifully. Beauty has never been, and will never be boring.

Here is one of the first things we will do for you: Represent your idea beautifully.

Represent your reality

Apple Inc. has the logo of an apple, not an orange or any other fruit for that matter! McDonalds logo is that of a giant M and not any other alphabet. The idea is simple. Keep your idea simple, and keep your ideas real.

Your ideas should represent you. And your logo should be a representation of you and the reality of your brand.

Here is the second thing we will be doing for you: Represent the reality of your ideas through your logo.

Logo Design

Audience appropriate logos

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of logo designing.

Do you know your audience? Who is your target audience? Knowing who you intend to target with your logos is of prime importance.

The logic is pretty simple and straightforward. If your target people who are looking to live a classy lifestyle and invest in high-end goods, your logo should not have a childish font (like Comic Sans) and playful colors. The font will be crisp and clear, with few curves and playful typography and the color of the fonts will mostly be white, black, suede, rich brown instead of fluorescent pink, bright red and yellow. Those are colors that are associated as ‘playful’, and thus are used in logos of brands related to children – think Toys R Us.

Yes, this is the third thing we intend to do for you: Design a logo that is appropriate to the audience you target.


In its literal sense, Nirvana means ‘blown out.’ However, contextually, Nirvana is referred to the stillness of the mind after it has been raged with intense desires.

Nirvana is about calmness, and a soothing experience.

Isn’t that something you want your brand to be associated with? A sense of calm that your customers feel when they think about your brand. They know that they can trust you with their eyes closed. Doing business with you leads them to a state of nirvana.

This is yet another important key point when it comes to designing a logo. Knowing the importance of colors, and their psychological effects on customers can play a significant part in the success of your brand. The color, and not the font, of your logo, is the first thing to get noticed. Also, color and design can be understood by everyone compared to the alphabet of a particular language.

And herein lies the fourth thing we will do for you: Help you achieve nirvana, as we brainstorm and design the best logo for your brand.

Design 2.0

Last but not the least, Design 2.0 is our way of saying we will redesign until you are satisfied with the result.

That is right. Your final ‘Yes! This is it!’ matters to us.

Not happy with the first design. There will be second. Think that the second design needs to be reworked? There will be a third design. Think that the third design needs a bit of touching? Sure, no problem.

Yet another design. And finally, we will leave you satisfied and with an incredible design that you, and we, can be proud of!

That is the final part of designing a logo: Design, and redesign until you are left completely satisfied with the final design of the logo.

It is Decision Time

Yes, folks! This is it. It is now time for action.

By now you have a fair idea of what we can do for you. You also have a brilliant idea for your logo that needs to be designed and branded in the right manner.

Email us. Call us. Or even talk directly with our excellent helpful helpdesk staff.

Execute your ideas and see them in action.

What more? Fill a quick form and get a free quote from us. Yes, the Auxilium Technology team is offering you a FREE quote.

Still need to be convinced?

It is okay.

We understand that this is a big decision for you, and you want to hand over the task to professionals you can trust.

Check out the excellent feedback and testimonials our clients and fans have left us.


Do it NOW.

Ideas are great. But how great is an idea if it is not executed at the right time?

The time to accomplish your goals is Now.

Do it NOW.

Call, email, contact our helpdesk – we are here for you!

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