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Local Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Small businesses greatly reap the benefits of local social media marketing. By promoting their businesses to a targeted audience in a local market, businesses are likely to make more sales. The increased online visibility that social media offer is amplified by targeting a local market where potential customers are concentrated. You can see that this will not involve a lot of money bit will most likely lead to a higher conversion rate that other marketing channels.For the best outcome, local Social Media Marketing (SMM) requires interaction with potential customers. Interaction builds trust, which plays a huge role in social media campaigns. Once people know and trust you, they are more likely to make a purchase. Social media will also provide a platform through which customer feedback can be received and acted upon. Queries and request can also be channeled through the various social platforms.Local SMM Tools

There are various tools to help businesses achieve their goals and objectives of local SMM. These tools will enable the implementation of the set strategy, which will, in most cases be part of a wider marketing strategy. It’s important to have set goals and objective to measure impact at every stage. Let’s look at some of the tools.

Facebook: Facebook helps local SMM in a great way you can list a hometown which will enable Facebook to put your business in a home network. Local customers will thus easily find you

Flickr: this platform will enable sharing of photos with local users. Photos are a great interaction tool. The fact that you are in the same location as the users will create a unique rapport. Your business could also join Flickr groups where great conversions can be started.

Twitter is a very effective channel for small businesses to target local customers. Twitter has a search page with a Geo-search option, with this feature, you can list the city and state you operate from and the zip code. You can then get people’s activities from these regions. With this, you can initiate conversations and interaction with these people to drive sales.

Social Media Groups

With most of these social media platforms, you can start a group where people can share experiences with your product/service, leave feedback or even enquire about any detail they might require. You may use the page to give updates on new products or keep the conversation going. However, be careful not to over-promote your business to avoid being labeled as spam.

Social media platforms are a great way to build local following and drive engagement. You should make sure that once people find you on social media, they want to learn more about your product. This is by having great content and useful interaction.  Quality beats quantity in social media communication.

Now that we’ve seen the importance of local social media marketing for your business, it’s time to develop an effective strategy for your business.  We at Auxilium Technology are experts in Local SMM. You can call us on 301-519-9622 or send an email to, regarding questions that you may have.

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