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Business Relocation Listing

Is Your Business Moving to a New Location?

Moving your business to a new location can be very exciting and stressful. It is exciting to move and embrace the opportunity to use the move as a marketing tool. How would a press release and a community grand opening enhance your business? What makes moving a business stressful? Business owners often have some of the following concerns:

Will my clients find me?

I have a website and it sends me referrals, how will it know I moved?

I have clients in several states, some of them drive long distances to see me and use GPS. How will the GPS know I moved?

I’m a business owner not a wiz on the computer, I have no idea what I need to do to my website.

My business offers exclusive products that give me access to a variety of associations and directories; do I have to call each one individually?

Auxilium Technology is here to ensure your business is easily found after moving.  Our team will create and update your SEO citations. We will digitally change your address in 150 directories, in Google, Bing, and Yahoo in addition to updating navigation so all perspective and current clients can find you. During this process, we will keep a close eye on your local SEO and ranking. It is imperative to us that our Citation and Relisting Service puts our client’s mind at ease.  You can rest assured, your new location will not only be easy to find online, it will be found on GPS navigation systems.

Our relocation service includes the following:

  1. Add or change the location on your website
  2. Mark current address “closed” on Google
  3. Add the new address to Google’s database
  4. Embed a map of the new location on your websites contact us page
  5. Update major data providers & directories with the address of your new location
  6. Update all the niche directories for your industry
  7. Track all citations and updates ensuring a permanent change

If your business is moving and you are in the market for a relocation service Auxilium Technology is without a doubt the company for you. Call Auxilium Technology today at 301-519-9622 for a free quote!

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