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Social Media Networks

Jan 10, 2018

Social Media Networks are the new norm when it comes to human interaction. We no longer pick up a phone and report our days to loved ones and friends. Instead, most of us, post every single waking moment we have online. Everyone loves a bit of social media (some more than others). The point is that most people have access to multiple Social Network sites and visit at least one social media site daily. For that reason, it’s the perfect place to market your business, and Social Messaging Apps are a great way to do that.

2018 Top 5 Social Media Messaging Apps to Promote and Manage Your Brand

1. Facebook Messaging App- Facebook Messenger, is still the top contender and we believe this will not change. Facebook has astounding one hundred billion users and growing daily. It is the world’s largest Social Network, making it our number one go to Social Network for business, news, to interact with family and friends, advertising, multimedia content exchange, gaming, and so much more. No wonder Facebook is the best platform to advertise, promote, and grow your brand. Facebook Social Media Messaging App makes it possible to keep customers updated with news, products, and sales.

2. Whatsapp- this particular app was designed with business management in mind. Whatsapp Business App is currently available for Android users and is free for customers to download. It allows businesses the ability to interact with customers at ease. What separates Whatsapp from its competitors is its organizing capabilities. Whatsapp allows you to organize chats with customers and contacts with tools such as labels. This app is made specifically for business relations and is sure to keep you organized and prepared.

3. Twitter- Well, we can’t prepare a list of Social Messaging Apps without mentioning Twitter. Twitter is still a great contender and is in the ranking of best Social Messaging Apps in 2018. Twitter gives a business owner the ability to communicate real-time with customers, tweet about deals on products that you may offer, update customers with news, and much more.

Social Messaging Apps are proving to be a must-have tool. Consumers love the ability to speak directly
with businesses in regards to products or services. There is no need to wait days for a response from a
company via email or spend hours trying to reach a representative on the phone. Nowadays, we can log
on to Twitter or Facebook and immediately speak to a representative via a Social Messaging App. Not to
mention, in most cases, these apps are free to download and work on a variety of gadgets for the
consumer’s convenience.


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