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How to Craft the Chiropractic Personal Injury Marketing Strategy

Aug 16, 2021

Personal Injury Marketing Strategy

No matter where you’re based, there are thousands of injury victims in your area who need the help of a chiropractor. Being able to ethically and effectively market to injury victims can become a major source of revenue for your chiropractic practice. This blog will show you how chiropractic marketing for personal injury could help you attract new clients and increase your revenue.

Create Relationships With Personal Injury Attorneys

We all know that personal injury lawyers are some of the most aggressive marketers out there. Billboards, TV ads, radio commercials, digital marketing—they just do it all. This is why it should be no surprise to you that these are usually the first people injury victims call after their accident.

A good personal injury attorney can refer clients and potential clients to a chiropractor for several reasons:

  • Initial patient evaluation
  • Treatment plan recommendations
  • Progress evaluations
  • Final treatment reports

All of these help attorneys make a case for why their clients deserve financial compensation, so your practice adds a lot of value to personal injury attorneys. Make sure you are familiar with the personal injury claims process and highlight what makes you stand out when reaching out to personal injury attorneys.

When you’re ready, create a list of 50 personal injury attorneys in your area that you want to target. Instead of cold-calling, send an email that showcases how they can benefit from sending you their clients. Call them one week later to go over the email you sent, and make sure you highlight how your services could help them get their clients more compensation in litigation and settlements.

Work With Local Hospitals

Most doctors prefer not to handle cases involving car accident victims and will instead refer the patients to a chiropractor. Forging relationships with these doctors can provide another healthy stream of revenue for your practice. The best way to get these MDs to trust you is to present your practice as an integrated or holistic medical office. This will make them more comfortable referring patients in need of treatment for their injuries to you.

Online Personal Injury Marketing For Chiropractors

The best way to market your chiropractic services directly to personal injury victims in your area is through online advertising. The best part about digital marketing is that you’re cutting out the middleman—and the referral fee—by targeting the clients directly as opposed to targeting lawyers and doctors.

There are many chiropractic personal injury online marketing strategies available, but they will generally include a combination of the following:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google Ads
  • Social media marketing (Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc)

The best digital marketing strategy for you will depend on your goals and capacity. By working with an experienced digital marketing agency, you can craft a strategy that is specifically tailored to your practice’s needs and goals.

Auxilium Technology is a full-service digital marketing agency with award-winning web design services. We provide chiropractor SEO services as well as PPC campaign management, social media marketing, and web design services specifically for chiropractors. If you are ready to grow your revenue through digital marketing, call us now at 301-519-9622 and we can help you craft the best chiropractic personal injury marketing strategy for your practice.


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