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Virtual Food Brands and Ghost Kitchens…

Mar 15, 2022

Virtual Food Brands
If you’re running a virtual kitchen business in the United States, we have great news for you! In a drastic departure from previous guidelines, Google is finally allowing certain businesses without a physical location to create a Business Profile.

Previously, having an actual store that customers could visit was an essential requirement to creating a Google Business Profile. All of that changed in early May 2022, when Google changed its Business Profile policies to allow virtual food brands to create a Business Profile without having a physical address. Read on to learn more about who can benefit from this policy change.

Which Delivery Businesses Can Create a Google Business Profile?

Currently, only virtual food brands with or without an in-person pick-up location are able to create a Business Profile. If you have a delivery business that is not in the food industry, you are not yet eligible to create a Google Business Profile.

Your food delivery business must also have a distinct brand. So, if you offer food-related delivery services that do not include a distinct brand, you won’t be able to create a GBP just yet.

However, this is a monumental step for Google Business Profile. If things go well for virtual food brands, we can expect Google to roll out this feature to other delivery-only businesses.

Eligibility Conditions for Virtual Food Brands

As mentioned above, not all delivery businesses in the food industry are eligible for a virtual Google Business Profile. To be eligible for a Business Profile, your business must:

  • Offer a food item with its own distinct branding or package.
  • Have its own business website.

Beyond these requirements, you must also follow Google’s guidelines depending on whether or not you offer pick-up for all customers. If you do not offer pick-up for all customers, then you must hide your address to prevent any confusion.

If you do offer pick-up for all clients, then your kitchen or co-located kitchen must have its own distinct signage within the pick-up location. If you have authorized the kitchen where your food is prepared to provide the food, you can also request verification to allow the kitchen provider to manage your Business Profile.

Should I Create a Google Business Profile for My Delivery Business?

If you’re trying to attract local customers, then yes! A well-optimized Google Business Profile can help you attract new clients. Not only are Google Business profiles very popular, but they’re also highly effective at converting. In fact, over 50% of Google Business Profile interactions result in a website visit. Not having an optimized GBP can cost you hundreds of website visits per month!

If you’re not sure how to optimize your GBP to grow your business, call Auxilium Technology at 301-519-9622. One of our digital marketing specialists will be happy to discuss possible digital marketing solutions to help grow your business with local SEO, organic SEO, or even a website redesign. Call today to get started!


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