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Cyber Security Training & Its Importance

Aug 19, 2016

Almost all businesses today conduct a part of their operation or their entire operations through a computer system. Information Technology has become so advanced that it has greatly facilitated how people work. However, with it has come with new threats. Companies and institutions need to have secure networks through which they share and keep their information. This brings out the need for Cyber Security Training. This is not just for the IT staff but also for all employees involved. If sensitive information is exposed to the wrong hands, your company might suffer irreparable damage.Why Train all Employees?

Employees interact with the system on a daily basis. They are better placed to detect threats. Hackers will normally access your company’s computer system through any weak link. It might come from an employee who didn’t bother much about the safety of company’s data. Your IT people will develop controls and protocol but create awareness why these are needed to other staff will play a major role in improving your overall cyber security.

Besides, there might be an employee who might be used as a mole by hackers to infiltrate your system. Such kind of employee will often take advantage of confidential data they are in possession of. This can be prevented by having each employee have a unique identity while they log into the system. The purpose of Cyber Security Training is to equip all employees handling sensitive information of their responsibilities and what might happen if this data is accessed by unauthorized people.

Some Cyber Security Mistakes that Companies Make

The single most fatal mistake that companies make is lack of training of staff on cyber security issues. Most businesses will just train the IT people and think this is enough. It isn’t, all employees must be trained to make sure no weak links exists. Training should be done at set intervals for all staff and for any new employee that joins. Another one is the failure to limit access to information to just those that requires it, and keeping log of anyone who accessed specific information. Everyone should take a role in data security. Any breach is likely to cause major losses and halt operations. Customers and other businesses will not work with you if this occurs.

With the world becoming a global marketplace, cyber security is of paramount importance. Anything that makes your company more cyber secure should be done. We have a talented and experienced team that is passionate about cyber security, which was showcased in the Maryland Journal. Contact Auxilium Technology for all your cyber security training.


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