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5-Tips to Jumpstart Your Real Estate Conversion Marketing

Aug 13, 2019

Are You Generating Quality Leads?

If you work in real estate as an agent or broker, you know your strongest asset is you! Your personality, your knowledge, and your resource of referral partners are all foundational to a strong personal brand. For many realtors, your own brand generates business because your reputation generates referrals.

Many realtors rely heavily on referrals from family, friends, and associates – But are you reaching your full potential when it comes to generating business?

Taking your lead generation to the next level requires reaching outside your immediate network and projecting your brand. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to jumpstart your lead generation.

Conversation Marketing

If you’re unfamiliar to the term, “conversion marketing” merely speaking, means taking your online visitors, your audience, and converting them into clients. A simple concept, but execution requires a diverse strategy, using various means to pull leads from multiple sources, and to make them buy from you.

Real Estate Conversion Marketing

Building A Conversation Strategy

1 – Define Your Branding

Whether you’re an experienced realtor or just breaking into the market, it’s always important to start your marketing with a review of your core business principles.

  • Stay Client-Centric, From Your First Word to YourLast–Good customer service might seem like an obvious selling point, but always make this front and center when you’re presenting yourself and your brand to audiences.
  • Visibility is the lifeblood of your business. It leads to conversations, which lead to enrollment discussions, which leads to cash. Network frequently, post to social media regularly, and constantly expand where your name and your brand is establishing a presence.
  • Offer a Free Consultation or Sample Session. This is a low-pressure means for starting a conversation and demonstrating your professional abilities.
  • Too Expensive? Always Have a Down Sell –Avoid closing out potential clientele. Have options available for serving those that might not be big money makers now, but could be repeat clients with higher spending potential later on. Options for renters and small-home purchasers can lead to larger sales later.

2– Master Your Networking

If you’re working in real estate, you know networking is your base for referrals. So, here are some quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Master the basics – Attend network events frequently. When you’re out at events, get there early. Look back, and ask: Who else? That one person you didn’t talk to could be your next client.
  • Expand into hosting your own events – Consider hosting a public workshop as alead magnet.

3 – Organizing Your Current Network

  • Any good strategy requires organization -Brainstorm and organize your network into these three categories:
    • People that may be interested in your service.
    • People that have always been supportive of you, and may know people that would be interested in your service.
    • People that are true connectors—the ones that know tons of people in real life or virtually, and love to connect parties.
  • Segment your email list – Craft your messaging according to how you’ve organized your network. Speaking to the specific needs and interests of your network will increase engagement.

4 – Conduct Your Social Media With Purpose

  • Find your tribe – Connect with related groups and pages on:
    • Facebook
    • com
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • com
    • Online forums
  • Stay engaged with your LinkedIn, keep building connections, and directly message prospective clients.
  • Sift through the social media chaos. Focus on one to two social media channels. Like many, you probably have preferred platforms, so spend your time where you’re gaining the most followers and getting the most engagement.
  • Consider which social media platforms will yield highest returns for your content marketing. Here is a list of the leading B2B content marketing platforms:
    • LinkedIn 94%
    • Twitter 87%
    • Facebook 84%
    • YouTube 74%
    • SlideShare 62%
    • Instagram 29%
    • Pinterest 25%

5–Broaden Your Online Marketing

Marketing as a realtor online can be a daunting task due to the competitive nature of the market place. There, however, many strategies for leveraging your online presence to generate more engagement and more business.

  • Offer ‘Virtual Coffee Chats’: Old-Fashioned Networking in an Online World –This platform is another way you can maintain communications with your network and your leads, and all within a low-pressure environment that emphasizes relationship building over sales.
  • Pre-Qualify Leads with a Virtual Event or Webinar – Direct your leads towards these online engagements. It’s a great way to establish a follow-up meeting with prospects, and engage you’re your online followers.
  • Actively Collect Reviews for Your Google Business Page – Regardless of how someone finds you, they’re likely to look you up online, and Google is likely the first place. Reach out to your past clientele, ask them to take a few minutes to write a Google review.
  • Use Landing Pages – These types of pages can focus your messaging to specific regions and real estate segments, without overwhelming prospects with too much information.
  • Build Your Backlinks Through Guest Blog Posting – Many realtors have blogs, but you can expand on this by hosting guest blogs by those you know in related industries. You can also actively seek out websites and forums where you can guest blog. Sometimes offering a guest blog exchange with another associate is a great way to build mutual backlinks.

Auxilium – Your Conversion Marketing Resource.

To help boost quality lead generation for realtors, Auxilium Technology provides education and information resources about conversion marketing, and much more. Ed Samuels, an internationally known expert in digital marketing from Auxilium Technology presented on July 7, 2018, for the Rockville Real Estate Coffee House networking group. And again, on August 6, 2019, for the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce. These value-added presentations are part of Auxilium’s commitment to helping spur local businesses through education. To learn more, visit us online at www.auxiliumtechnology.com. Follow us on social media @ Auxilium Technology to stay up to date on marketing news and events.


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