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4 PPC Success Tips for Small Business

Nov 2, 2017

Small businesses used to have very tight budget to spend on paid advertisements. However, it is important that marketers stretch their PPC budget to get the highest return on the investment. So, below we are sharing some useful PPC tips for small business to ensure their campaign success in limited budget-

Separate Networks to Target Each Network Individually

When you set up your campaigns, Google, by default recommends serving your ads on different networks, namely the search and display networks. If you want to an outlandish number of impressions and avoid overpaying for each click by a visitor, then this is a good strategy. By separating campaigns for each network, you can reach audiences with different goals on different types of sites.

Try Negative Keywords

Using negative keywords will help you sort out some of the irrelevant and unrelated clicks and avoid getting irrelevant unrelated clicks.

For example, if you are a divorce lawyer, you will want to filter out terms such as free lawyers, child custody lawyer, etc. This way, people searching for these specific terms won’t reach your ads and cost you money.

Monitor Your Accounts regularly

Online marketers need to be cognizant that they must monitor their accounts frequently. Based on the account size, once a day or twice a week visit should be sufficient. While checking accounts, you should adjust bids, monitor average position, add negative keywords, test ads to find high converters.

Run PPC Ads Only When You Can Deliver

Small businesses need to be very careful of where they are spending money while running ads. Use location targeting to limit the regions your ads are eligible to show in. For example, you sell clothes, but do not ship internationally. Then, you should target your home country.

Besides all these above-mentioned tips, you should also focus on customer support and quality of your products /services. It will help you maintain the results you achieve using PPC ads.


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