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8 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

8 Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO means to make your website a completely search engine friendly website and helps to improve ranking in search engines. There are some standard techniques for SEO but even then there are some common mistakes that often take place while doing SEO for websites. So here we are going to discuss these mistakes and you should try to avoid them.


  1. Not Targeting Right Audience:The very first thing while starting SEO is to know your audience. Most of people don’t know about their targeted audience and what type of audience they should target. Because only right audience will help your business to get right customers through search engines. Useless traffic have no benefits to business.
  2. Irrelevant Keywords Selection:Most of the SEO don’t know about selection of relevant keywords for their website. They choose those keywords that does not suit them best so avoid this type of mistake and use proper keyword research with useful keywords tools like Google Keyword Planner, Word Tracker etc. The keyword should be selected in a way that a normal user can type while searching for a thing in search engines. Keywords should be long tail keywords having low or medium competition and high average monthly searches.
  3. Neglect Canonical Issue:The canonical issue occurs when your website gets opened with different URLs like with www and without www. This issue can be resolved by using canonical tag or using 301 permanent redirection otherwise Google will consider your website content as duplicate content on same page. So, you should avoid this type of issue. This is one of the common mistakes that people forget to do for their website.
  4. Wrong Meta Tags:One of the most common mistakes is writing wrong meta tags for search engines. Meta title and meta description is most important part of a website and analyzed by search engines while providing their search results. Each page of a website should have different meta tags and should be relevant to page information. Meta title and meta description tag should include your targeted keywords to get ranked in search engines.
  5. Keywords Stuffing:People have this misconception that if they will use more keywords in their content then their website will rank better in search engines. But, this is also one of the common mistakes in SEO. Keywords stuffing should not be done in your content. Only quality content should be added and do not use to much repeated keywords in your content.



  1. Content DuplicacyMost of SEOs used to take content from different sources and put them on their website and they thinks that content is now original. This is a common mistake that they make so avoid this mistake because this activity is considered as duplicate content. Google will treat this content as duplicate content and can also penalize your website.
  2. Not Using Analytics:Website analysis plays an important role in SEO and sometimes people avoid this factor and did not implement Google analytics tracking code in their website due to which they won’t be able to track website analytics. So avoid this mistake and use Google analytics tool for analyzing your website traffic, sources, bounce rate and many others analysis.
  3. Over Optimization:SEO means optimizing your website in order to increase its visibility but over optimization should not be done. Avoid this mistake for a better search engine visibility and take help of an SEO expert while optimizing your website.

These are the common mistakes done by the people. If you think that there are more common SEO mistakes then you are most welcome to share them.

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