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5 Local SEO Tips to Help Your Local Business Dominate on Google Maps

Google’s aim has always been to provide users with a convenient, friendly navigable experience. To offer rich user experience, it has made some biggest changes, which indeed affected the rankings of local businesses, but helped them in the long run.

So, businesses need to revise their local SEO plan and include strategies that focus on long-term SEO goals and create a better customer experience. Here we have put together 5 Local SEO tips to help you amend your local SEO plan and get high rankings on Google Maps-

Must have a Physical address in the target location
The very basic requirement to top the local search engine results is by having a consistent physical address in the area you want to optimize locally. Furthermore, the specific address should be within or as close to the area that you are targeting.

Utilize Google My Business (GMB)
GMB feature ensures that any business information you add should reflect on Google search, Google Maps and Google Plus. So it makes it easy for customers to locate your business no matter what device they are using.

When you create a GMB for local SEO, make sure that you enter accurate, relevant and consistent information. The GMB location you have listed must be owner-verified to bring credibility. Add the name of the specific city and town that you are targeting in the GMB landing page title.

All the products or services you have added to GMB should match broader search category to maximize their chances of appearing in the search result.

Website NAP must match the NAP on GMB
NAP, an abbreviation for the name, address and phone number should be consistent with the actual name of your business, along with its details. In fact, you should use an exact template for your NAP wherever you use details- your website, Google My Business (GMB), Google Plus account, any directory listing or other websites.

Make sure that your website has a map to reach your location
In addition to your contact information, it is very important that you have an actual map on your website to show your exact location. You should also add some other key information such as store opening and closing hours, driving directions, well-known landmarks, phone call links to facilitate direct calling from a mobile phone, and social media links.

Have distinct web page for different business locations
If you have multiple branches or business locations, it is advisable to create separate web pages for each business location so that you can appropriately optimize them for each location.


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